Warframe Personality Quiz: Which Warframe Ninja Are You?

What Warframe Are You Quiz

Shoot shoot shoot!!! The gamers who are in love with the Warframe game need to shoot every single evil alien that they see or else they would lose the entire solar system. The protagonist players belong to a race known as “Tenno” who are on the mission to do whatever it takes to save their race and other innocents.

You must be thinking about how would you win against a large force of aliens then believe us that you are quite fortunate because Tenno’s have a unique power of Warframes which the enemies lack. Moreover, each eccentric character has its own Warframe power and as the game is multiplayer so when you enjoy the game with your friends then the fun gets double! But wait a minute, first answer the Warframe Personality Test to check out which Warframe character are you?

The Best Warframes in the Warframe Quiz

The Best Warframes in the Warframe Quiz
Warframe Ninjas - Digital Extremes

We know that you are unable to decide what Warframe to choose in the game since each one seems appropriate and it gets harder to identify which warframe is the best. Relax! Read about the best Warframes below and answer the Warframe Ninja Quiz which would answer all your questions.


The warframe Equinox is quite hefty and different from others because its powers and abilities change day and night. During the night and day, the players need to understand the motions and forms of this warframe and once you become familiar then no doubt you would become an integral part of your team because it is hard to put great damage to it; whereas, if Equinox wishes then she would kill its enemy and they wouldn’t even feel it.

On the other hand, Equinox is available in light blue and dark blue colors that portray the bright blue sky of day and hues of night. As she can change into the form of a healer so benefits not only herself but the team as well.


Whoa, now this is what we call a true warframe! Saryn is insanely powerful and has the ability to kill hundreds of evil in a blink of an eye. She has some amazing skills like Spores which is like a disease, as soon as it kills one then shifts to another and one by one a whole parameter of the area gets rid of immorality.

This is only the beginning and other abilities of Saryn such as Toxic Lash and Miasma are the ones that can vanquish even the rivals that you don’t even see. Moreover, she possesses cool white armor which elevates her fear and dignity.


Well, speed is highly given importance in Warframe because the faster you defeat your enemies the more chances of winning the game and the advancement of your character increase. So in this case, Volt is more like a bolt! He is considered the fastest in the game while this warframe can run, slide, and walk.

He has the ability to release shock which gives great damage while Volt can liberate a shield of electricity that saves him from attacks while no enemy can enter it. The most vital expertise of Volt is the Discharge that allows him to paralyze all others around for a few moments using his shock waves.


Dubiety that Mesa is stronger than many but most of the players employ her just for her ability known as Shooting Gallery which doesn’t make peace but disables all the weapons in a certain range which means no shooting. While as a plus point this stuns everyone so the chance of attack elevates from your side.

Interestingly, if the players employ the ability of Peacemaker that hands her a regulator pistol and with that, she just knocks down anyone who comes in front of it. Moreover, Mesa’s Shatter Shield doesn’t let her absorb much damage from her rivals.


Octavia owns what no one else has which is the ability of invisibility and intriguingly not only for herself but for her whole team. Just imagine when you attack rivals and they can’t even see you then who has the power and courage to defeat you. If you are thinking that the invisibility would be temporary then you are wrong because Octavia can remain permanently invisible.

On other hand, Octavia has the power to give mass damage to the enemies and is always the backbone of the team. Similar to Destiny's character-play right? Don't forget to take our Which Destiny 2 Class Are You Quiz as well.


Nova is one of those warframes that are considered an instant death by rivals. Since you are dying to find out about the abilities of Nova then here you go! Molecular Prime of Nova is greatest of all as this detonates all weapons, slows the enemies, stuns them, and the antimatter leaves them to die helplessly.

Not only this but Null Star helps her to resist attacks and concedes firepower for the attack. Last but not the least, Worm Hole is the best when you need to help the team members as this ability can transport weapons and other things from one place to other.


Just think of ability and Inaros would definitely have it! Nothing can give Inaros damage enough to kill him and even if he is tried to be killed then he reverses the harm and as the enemies which die from his hands, he absorbs their health instantly. Yes, Inaros sucks the powers of the enemies he knocks down. Moreover, he can blind his enemies with sandstorm which stuns and slows their striking power and so he attacks at the right moment. Thinking about the other team members then relax because he heals his allies and defeats the rivals simultaneously.

Don’t forget that most of the people regard Inaros as the most good-looking Warframe who is not only a killing machine but has some style as well!


We can see that you are still confused about your warframe then just click START to the Warframe Quiz and get to know what warframe should you buy in the game?