We Happy Few Quiz – Which We Happy Few Character Are You?

Which We Happy Few Character Are You Quiz

We must say, the We Happy Few game is very different from all others presented up till now. However, you are confused among the three characters of the game as you can’t figure out which We Happy Few character are you in the game? Relax, answer the Best Ever We Happy Few Quiz and you would get to know in a few seconds.

We Happy Few Quiz
We Happy Few - Compulsion Games


The ones who are tired of playing silly or simple games that include shooting, loots, puzzles, construction, etc are quite interested in the We Happy Few game. It is a game that takes you into the world where things and matters are sarcastically taken up and revealed what lies in the history of humankind. The story and modes of the game are no doubt challenging and enjoyable but somewhere in your heart would leave a nastier repercussion. As soon as you start playing the game, you need to choose a character for yourself from the three options of the playable characters which include Arthur, Sally, and Ollie. All three are different and quite intriguing, having their own arc in the story of gameplay. This is why we have designed the We Happy Few Test and you must answer it if you really want to know what We Happy Few character are you?


Set in 1960s England in the land of Wellington Wells, there is more than just the lively-looking town because this place has hidden some grave secrets within. The people of this island are known as Wellies and they aren’t normal at all! Everything seems immaculate with the perfect and beautiful town, and smiling faces, but something that is more than fishy as it should be. There is a drug named “Joy” in Wellington Wells that gives a sort of overbearing pleasure to everyone and even the gloomiest places in the city seem like heaven to them. And, the Wellies keep their smiling masks on with it while the business of brutal murders and conspiracies goes on.


Give a closer look at the characters in We Happy Few because when we’d share the result of the We Happy Few Kin Quiz then how’d you get to know him/her and play with full swing? Not only do you need to know what We Happy Few character to choose but also need to feel their emotions in order to play in the best way!

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Which We Happy Few Character Are You
We Happy Few Characters - Compulsion Games

Arthur Ernest Hastings

Arthur is an extremely slim and sleek man with broad spectacles, a green suit, boots, and a briefcase in his hand. He not only seems like a freaked-out man but is one in reality as well. Arthur’s scared persona lies in the fact that he had lost his only family member, Percy who was his brother during the war we don’t know whether he is alive or not but Arthur is willing to track him as soon as he escapes the Wellington Wells. Working as an employee, he often goes through some experiences that are horrific and when he condemns them, people consider Arthur an idiot although the things are vice versa. As soon as he finds out that citizens aren’t getting affected by Joy the way they should be and the widespread disease might kill all soon, Arthur is planning to flee which would be a hell of a shot! As Arthur, you aren’t crazy to take any risks that might cause you greater loss. You are happy with your simple lifestyle and don’t really regard others who think that you are geeky. You think it’s better to be an introvert rather than have a bunch of poisonous people around.

Arthur Ernest Hastings
Arthur Ernest Hastings - We Happy Few

Sally Boyle

Sally Boyle is a stylish and modern lady who fits all the standards of Wellington Wells. There are many things hidden in Sally’s heart but she flaunts nothing on her face. She even knows Arthur since her childhood years because Sally was all alone when her mother poisoned everyone in the family except for her. Since then, Sally knows what it feels like to be secluded and unattended in this world. When she carried Gwen (her baby) for the first time in her arms, she knew fleeing from the city is necessary, however, seeking the right time was necessary. But how can she forget that she is the one who created Joy and can’t leave because everyone is addicted to it! However, Sally is determined to take her daughter out of this forever. You are also kind-hearted and sweet. You care about everyone around you without expecting any benefits.

Sally Boyle
Sally Boyle - We Happy Few

Oliver "Ollie" Starkey

He is an ex-soldier who lives with his daughter Margaret (who is his hallucination). Being in the army, Ollie has many terms while nobody challenges him due to his brawny physique and strength. Ollie when becomes aware of the manipulation and conspiracies hidden underneath Joy, he tries to make people realize how delicate the situations are but this isn’t easy. He even helps Arthur in fleeing and grabs hold of the tape recordings which can prove the reality behind Joy. Ollie is a hero and savior who would do anything in order to save Wellington Wells though he also wishes to escape. Maybe you are similar to Ollie in many ways as you are tough from the outside but sweet and sympathetic from the inside. You just wish everything goes well but it’s never the way you want so you try to adjust which is the only escape!

Oliver "Ollie" Starkey
Oliver "Ollie" Starkey - We Happy Few


The stage is set, the questions are there, now is your time to check out which We Happy Few character are you most like? No cheating, share the results ASAP on your social media profiles because everyone should know what are you really made of!