What Animal Crossing Character Are You – Animal Crossing Quiz

Which Animal Crossing Character Am I Quiz

Hey Nintendo switch user! So how do you feel living two lives side by side? Didn’t get it? Well, we are asking about you and your life in the game animal crossing. Isn’t it nice and peaceful when you go through the hustle and bustle of urban life all day but once you return then can continue with your rural life, farms, fellows, and other things. Animal Crossing is the game that becomes the source of endless happiness and entertainment.

Since Animal crossing has become your personal favorite so you are curious to find out a few things. And, on the top of your list is what Animal Crossing character am I? In order to fulfill your utmost wish, we have the What Animal Crossing Animal Are You Quiz designed just for you! You are absolutely right, this quiz would ask some simple questions and you’d easily find out what Animal Crossing character are you?

But before entering the Animal Crossing Quiz, let’s take a round to the gameplay and main characters of Animal Crossing!


The best thing about the Animal Crossing Game is that you can continue it whenever you like and flaunt your ideas and inventiveness. In the game, you need to select your character and then progress towards your stability. Living life in a village (in the game) isn’t as effortless as you think and can become quite challenging as well!

What Animal Crossing Character Are You
Animal Crossing - Nintendo

You need to do numerous activities like planting, harvesting, cooking, fishing, socializing, shopping, selling, and etc. You earn rewards by doing various activities on daily basis like:

  • Crafting and buying of tools
  • Collection of resources
  • Decoration your personal paradise
  • Socializing and mingling

This is not all and there are infinite possibilities with which you can venture into the game without going through any violence and sensitive things!


Let’s quickly move on to the best characters in the Animal Crossing Game since you can’t wait for longer…

Tom Nook

Tom Nook is a raccoon (Tanuki). He is brown in color and looks innocent with blue eyes. Wearing decent and expensive, this raccoon is one of the richest animals in the game. Dressed sophisticatedly, Tom would be the first person who would come to greet you once you step into the game. He is the one who’d happily give you a loan and a place to live. If you like Tom Nook, you would also enjoy Pokemons! Take the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Quiz here.

His attitude can change depending on your behavior and manners. If you would remain nice to him then he will be nice as well, giving you time to repay his loan without any interest. However, if you’ll spend a lazy life and won’t give him back the money then he’d make your life problematic. Tom wouldn’t let you socialize and buy things that easily.

Observing Tom’s personality, he is eager to help people whom he even doesn’t know. Seemingly consistent in the game, he enjoys being around people and enjoys his wealth. Working diligently in his office and enjoying life side by side.

Dr. Shrunk

It’s time for all of us to know Dr. Shrunk? By the way, have you interacted with him up till now? He is basically a pink axoloti with very little hair, blue eyes, formal attire containing a purple vest, grey pants, and red bow-tie.

Well, his job as a psychologist is to treat all the players and teach them how to employ expressions in order to play in a better way. Hysterically, Dr. Shrunk’s own facial expressions are quite weird as he shows off his two front teeth while smiling awkwardly and his eyebrows give no hint; no one can guess if he’s angry, shy, worried, or happy!


Blathers is an owl with a bow tie around his neck and check pattern on the front of his pattern. He has big eyes and mostly carries a book that portrays his love for knowledge and wisdom. Honestly, he looks very cute and his admiration for knowledge definitely makes us love him even more.

By profession, Blathers is the proprietor and caretaker of the museum in the game. He happily buys every art piece and artifact that you bring for selling. You make your money and Blathers makes his museum more extravagant. Whenever you catch any bug or find a fossil then the best thing anyone can do is run to Blathers and he would tell you all about it like GOOGLE.

Being a perfectionist, many of the gamers admire Blathers but he also has some weaknesses. Want to know what? He is scared of bugs but would hardly ever give you his secrets. If you are not in the mood to do anything in the game then talking to Blathers would definitely make you feel better at once. That’s a guarantee!

Mr. Resetti

It is a fact that Resetti doesn’t has a very substantial role in the gameplay itself. However, all the players undoubting love him though he is pretty aggressive and scolds the gamer most of the time. Do you know what makes him furious? He hates it when you do not save the game! Yes, this miner yells at the player for their own benefit although his doctor has forbidden him from getting furious and screaming.

Resetti is a dark brown seal that appears to be a miner wearing a clean white T-shirt and blue overalls along with a work helmet with a glowing flashlight on it. He not only comes yelling but his sharp pickaxe and hardcore expressions also make the players laugh loudly.

We won’t deny that we also don’t save our game (intentionally) so that Mr. Resetti comes over and shows his anger. The longer you take to save your game the more times he’d come and turn more and more furious.


We can see your desperateness for the Which Animal Crossing Character Are You Quiz! So, sit back and relax while answering some interesting questions!