What WOW Class Should I Play? & WOW Classes Quiz

World of Warcraft Quiz – Which WOW Class Should You Play?

We have a very important question to ask you today. Why are you so eager to play WoW? Do you know that it’s been all 12 years since its release and still the World of Warcraft rules our hearts! Well, some of the possible answers can be the interesting and arduous tasks and quests that challenge a gamer’s soul in such a way that they are ready to give their day and night over it!

Do you remember how all this started and we as gamers became a part of the WoW journey? No problem if you are new to the world! We would happily help and share some of the elements that make WoW outstanding. First of all, the plotline involved in the game makes it more thrilling and so it wins the race from many games. While playing WoW, we enter a world where gods, demons, elves, animals, devils, and different fantasy creatures compete to win the world and reign it forever.

Then the powers, weapons, skills, and quests captivate you enough that you keep getting the paid subscription and can’t halt yourself from indulging in the game. Anyhow, the “list of best things in WoW” can continue for long, but today we have something special to offer you! It’s the What Wow Class Should I Play Quiz!!!

The WoW Class Quiz would unveil which WoWclass suits your personality and skills? So, take the quiz without waiting any longer because this is a matter of your dignity in WoW…


What WOW Class Should I Play?

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No doubt that all World of Warcraft classes are exhilarating and gamers enjoy experiencing most of them. However, do you know which are the best WoW classes? If no is your answer then get ready to hit the jackpot! You’d not only get to know the best classes in WoW but the surprising powers that they have.


One of the most powerful classes in WoW includes the name Warlock. Belonging to the category of Ranged Classes, Warlock is notorious and influential due to its necromancy powers. There are many of their powers that attract gamers to play in it. For instance, some intense players enjoy when they burn, curse, and give a painful death with illness and disease to their enemies. Warlocks know exactly how to do that!

Warlocks are basically demons and magic channelers cruel to an extent and so deal with the opponents, the hard way. There are two things that elevate their powers and support them; demonic pets and their weapon. Warlocks adopt pets that aid them in battles and completing the quests while their weapon is a staff that helps them to take on multiple enemies at a time.

Some of the mighty necromancers belonging to the warlock class are Archimonde, Medivh, and Cho’gall. What WOW character are you? Some of the professions suggested for this class are tailoring and enchanting while they must focus more on secondary professions. This way they can earn more points.


Rogue is a class that is highly commendable because once they put their eyes on their enemy then no one can save them. Rogues have numerous abilities while their stealth makes it easier for the players to gain benefit over others. Moreover, their weapons are also diverse helping in taking down enemies in fun ways including fist weapons, daggers, swords, axes, and etc.

If you are worried that in wow which class should I play? Then consider Rogue at least once. Their notable abilities are stealth helping to travel even without coming under eyes, the poison which can work with weapons and disable the targets, lockpicking, and last but not the least dual wielding. All these gather up enough strength in Rogues to help them face everyone.

However, this class also has some disadvantages as it can’t carry a shield and need to wear leather or cloth. No strong armor is available for them in the game. But, we believe that after viewing such fabulous attributes of Rogues we can compromise or armor. What do you think?


Do you also wish to be like Mannoroth, Sir Anduin Lothar, Durotan, Gamon, and other warriors? Then you have to select warrior as your class in the WoW game. Here are some other things that might make you think harder about this class. Some notable abilities of warriors are Colossus Smash, Tactician, Cleave, Mortal Strike, Rampage, Whirlwind, and Raging blow.

Being a warrior they have heavy armor and shields. So, Protection is their tanking specialization. Whereas, they are capable of handling two arms weapons and so, can fight with both hands during fights. Other than that, some professions like fishing, first aid, blacksmithing, cooking, and alchemy are favorable for them.

Just imagine, who would like to have a hand-to-hand fight when they have a warrior standing in front of them???


Beware of the hunter class, not only because they are powerful but also because they are vicious hunters and can easily hunt down anyone they wish. Being a hunter, they acquire weapons like bows, crossbows, and guns. On the other hand, their pets are their greatest armament and they even possess abilities like Tame Beast ability with which they can hunt and make any wild animal their pet and guard.

The best thing is that the hunters can create some amazing traps, not only for animals but for enemies as well. Their prominent abilities are Call Pet, Tame Beast, Concussive Shot, Dire Beast, Counter Shot, and Beasty Wrath. So, are you impressed?

Want more? They are excellent creators and good at engineering, fishing, leatherworking, alchemy, first aid, and cooking as well. There is much more to explore but for that, you need to play!


Your tension about what WoW class should I play with is now about to be settled forever. Hurry up and answer the quiz to have a new experience of the WoW game!!!