Which Undertale Character Are You Quiz

Find Out Which Undertale Character You Are Now!

Hey amazing gamer! Aren’t you fed up with playing games that have the same ending? Well, it is true that such games are fun to play and challenging as well but once we complete all, then we feel bored because no matter how many times we play it the ending remains the same. However, in the game “Undertale”, things are not the same no matter how many times you play it.

Yes in the Undertale game, whatever you do and whatever decision you take affects you at the next level and the ending as well! Do you know about the game Undertale and its gameplay? If not, then you are at the right place today! Not only you are about to know the game closely but would also discover that in the undertale game which character are you?


Undertale has an awesome plot which is why gamers take more interest in it! Basically, the game takes place beneath the earth where live monsters who tried to take over the world and humans. As a consequence, a great war took place and the monsters were dissipated under the earth so that they never cause chaos on the planet again. Not only was the layer of earth saving the humans from those monsters underneath, but a magical barrier as well.

Which Undertale Character Are You Quiz
Undertale Characters - Toby Fox

However, there was a small gap left out from the magical barrier located at Mount Ebott of Undertale. One day, a boy falls down from that gap and is unable to come up again. Being the player, it’s you! If you wish to come up again and live your life again then you must act smartly and win the Undertale. In the gameplay, you have many choices as well and each one affects the game at the next level (REMEMBER!).

The most significant things are endings and your game plan. Let’s consider the “Pacifist Ending” first! In this ending, you won’t kill anyone, nor any enemy neither any friend (being peaceful from start till the end). “Genocide Ending” contains killings and bloodshed, so you keep on going and removing everyone from your path (by killing them). The third and last is, “Neutral Ending” in which you don’t have to kill everyone and neither befriend and save all. Ready for the Undertale Character Quiz? Come on!!!


Let's have a look at the best Undertale characters before taking the Undertale personality test.


Sans is a fun character who gives the game the excitement and energy it needs. He is basically a white skeleton but is bulgy and fat and shows off his cool attitude with his blue zipped hoodie, black shorts, and pink shoes. Sans always stays joyful with his white teeth always showing off his wide smile.

When talking about his personality then you might feel some resemblance of traits with him. Sans love to sleep and lie down doing nothing at all. He likes to live life the easy way but it isn’t like he is never serious. Sans takes interest in work if it is of his interest. Moreover, he loves to make funny jokes and most of us (gamers) enjoy this about Sans. He likes to watch the science-fiction genre and gets crazy for ketchup.

On the other hand, Sans loves people close to him like his brother Papyrus, friend Toriel, and the protagonist YOU!


Since we have the choice between choosing the ones that are sweet and intelligent or brave and fierce so why not go for Undyne? She’s perfect! With her long red ponytail, monstrous eye-patch, poisonous tongue, and fangs she scares and fights pretty well with everyone. Undyne appears to be an aquatic reptile but apart from her looks, she is both sweet and salty.

Undyne is caring as well and helps her friends; therefore, at times shows some mercy on her enemies. Other than that, she cares for all but is stubborn and never backs off from her decisions. We think that she is as perfect as Doki Characters.


Papyrus is another character who is a skeleton since you all love him sooo much then how could we not include him in our list! Papyrus is more cool than Sans as he is slim, tall, and smart. Being a skeleton, he covers himself with a puffed jacket and high boots. We find him staying happy always like Sans as he also shows off his wide toothy grin along with some red blush on his bony cheeks. Hysterically, he doesn’t wear anything other than the jacket.

He is a really sweet guy who wishes to befriend you even though you don’t. If you don’t kill him then dating him would be quite beneficial for you. Keeping all this in mind, Papyrus is very skilled as he takes interest in puzzles and such games and solves them efficiently. He also enjoys fun things like cooking spaghetti though he isn’t very good at it. Papyrus also likes listening and telling children stories. Moreover, he is an amazing painter and sculptor. So, what more do you need from a guy???


Toriel seems like a white goat who has small horns and wears long purple robes. Though she is a monster but a very soft-hearted one. Once you enter the game, Toriel would do everything for you and would turn into a loving mother. To win your heart she would also cook and bake for you. She’d question about the pie you like and would create a bond with her sweet dish.

Toriel also guides well about the game and would aid you to know about the underworld. Toriel’s son Asriel is also a part of the game but she would adopt you as a son and you can get a lot of benefits from this character. Sans is also her friend.


The Undertale characters are waiting for you so don’t make them wait longer or it might turn into a threat for you! Hurry up and trace which undertale character are you to save your heart and life!!!