Among Us Quiz – Which Crewmate are you?

Which Among Us Character Color Am I Quiz

Although Covid-19 has brought destruction and collapse to the world economy but the gaming industry has made incredible profits during this time. One of the games which have created hype just after its release in 2018 is “Among Us”.

The colored space beings have attracted the most successful gamers in the world like James Charles, PewDiePie, and others and the time since they have shared the live streaming of Among Us, the ratings went BOOM in the air and up till now the game has been downloaded more than 90 million times and even in the end of 2020, it had 60 million active players!

Colorful Crewmates of Among Us Game

Crewmate Colors of Among Us Quiz
Among Us - Innersloth

The colorful characters are the real energy in the game and if you cannot decide which Among Us character color are you then get some surface-level information about the characters which would help you to answer the Among Us Personality Test and you’d find out what Among Us crewmate are you?

  • Black

BLAPO-9’s character is employed for using the sabotage and vent icon while he is considered an important character in the game.

  • Yellow

With an ID of YELPO-9, his icon can be used for anonymity in the discussions while he can be seen in the personal map and storage.

  • Green

His dialogue “SEE something SAY something” is quite famous and the astronaut ID is GREPO-9.

  • Blue

Its ID is BLUPO-9 and can be seen reporting the dead body of Yellow.

  • Brown

The brown color astronaut BROPO-9 works diligently in the spaceship and is responsible to upload data in the systems.

  • Cyan

Cyan is close to astronauts Green and Orange. CYAPO-9 is a special character and is found in the Luxury Escape Pod option in “Valiant Hero”. If we ask you which crewmate are you? You might wish to say Cyan.

  • Orange

ORAPO-9 has a strong bond with Cyan and Green. You can find this one in the discussion icon.

  • White

This astronaut announces the matters on the megaphone and represents the online games. Keep in mind that the WHIPO-9 character has amazing observation skills.

  • Pink

With code name PINPO-9, this character aids in checking the Admin map and is usually found using a tablet in the game.

  • Purple

The astronaut with ID PURPO-9 is also called “The Purple Imposter” because he is mostly caught as the imposter mingling among the crew members.

  • Red

Its name is REDPO-9 and is the mascot of the game. Red is the first character in Among Us game.

  • Lime

Lime with ID LIMPO-9 isn’t available to every player and if you wish to play as this one then play hard to earn him.

Abilities Of Imposters

The fight is between the crew of MIRA who are astronauts and are exploring space and various planets on their spaceship. However, they find out that “Imposters” are trying to take over the spaceship and killing the team members one by one because they need blood to survive. There are many abilities that only these imposters possess which benefit them during the fight like:


The imposters have the ability to report a dead body in the ship just like other crew members so it becomes arduous to find out who did the murder.


The imposters can shapeshift and can easily hide themselves by employing camouflage.


You might think that the imposters have been given the best abilities after reading about this one and believe that it is impossible to win! No, don’t lose faith in yourself as nothing is inconceivable. With the ability of sabotage, imposters can destroy anything they wish on the map and can even fix it. The destruction causes more problems for the crew members but the imposters don’t get affected in any way.


The system of vents is dispersed all around the map and only the imposters can take their advantage and move anywhere they like through the vents. A reason why they always escape after murders are these vents.


The crew members only get the chance to connect and communicate with each other when a dead body is reported but the imposters can communicate with each other whenever they want…


The crew members who get killed by the imposters also turn into one of them and so the number of imposters increases with the number of dead bodies reported.

Abilities Of All Players

Since we got a view of the abilities of Imposters then why not know which abilities are possessed by all the characters in the game Among Us.


This ability allows every player to have a look that which player has crossed what doors and was able to turn off the sensors and so they can also try.


The ability of Admin gives everyone open access to the Admin map so that they can keep a track of themselves and others.


This one helps players to customize their characters in Lobby, whereas in the Freeplay gamers can alter their task list as well.


Every player in the game can report the dead bodies.


Security enables the players to keep an eye on each other through the security cameras.


This ability helps players to check which of the crew members are dead and which ones are still alive.

Maps In The Game Among Us

There are three maps in the Among Us game and each one has its own significance. Actually, one of the map is quite similar to Minecraft's SMP. If you are interested, here is a Dream SMP Quiz to find out your Dream SMP personality.

The Skeld

The Skeld map is free for the players and depicts the locations of a turtle-shaped spaceship.

Mira HQ

Mira HQ map isn’t free but shows the areas of a base located in the sky.


This map is of the planet Polus which is terrestrial so it is quite different from the other two.


If you read all the article to the end, you must be a true Among us player. Then, are you ready and all set to answer the Among Us Personality Quiz to find out which character color are you!!!