Sonic Quiz – Which Sonic Character Are You?

What Sonic Character Are You Quiz

Who doesn’t adore anthropomorphic characters? Whether we have kids, teens, or adults; everyone loves to watch the shows like movies and cartoons which involve them. Have you ever tried games that have these characters? No no, they aren’t for kids instead, are so challenging that even adults find it hard to accomplish them.

Today, we are going to discuss the super-awesome game “Sonic The Hedgehog”! Have you played the games that have the character of Sonic? There are many games of Sonic The Hedgehog accessible on mobile as well but the ones available for consoles are simply amazing. Do you know the story??? If yes click the start below to take the Sonic Quiz now!


All games of Sonic the Hedgehog have one mission “Saving the animals and the world!” Again an archenemy and a mad scientist Doctor Eggman is here to destroy everything. He has one soul desire to take over the world and rule it. It is quite obvious that in order to take over the world he needs the support of an army. For this, he employs his crazy scientific skills that turn animals into robots and they end up getting controlled by Doctor Eggman.

Now, it is the duty of our hero Sonic to save not only rescue his friends with his incredible powers but also the whole world. To reign the world, Doctor Eggman needs the mighty Six Chaos Emeralds. Sonic is ready to be your partner in saving the world and earning the six chaos emeralds before Doctor Eggman does. However, you would be the player controlling Sonic so it’d be on you to clear the missions.

Which Sonic Character Are You?
Sonic Characters - SEGA


There are so many incredible characters in Sonic the Hedgehog games but if we ask you the question what Sonic character are you? What would be your answer? Hmm, you are lost in the pool of thoughts but let us pick you in this and let the Which Sonic Character Are You Quiz do this job! Yup, this quiz contains some simple questions that would help us in assessing your personality. So, what are you waiting for, just don’t miss this amazing chance…


Sonic is a world-famous character who has been winning our hearts with his extraordinary capabilities. No doubt that his looks have also attracted us with his electric blue color, large pointy fur, big eyes, signature white gloves, and red boots. Apart from his looks, what makes Sonic great is his unending willpower and courage. It is not important that everyone who has powers would be fearless like Sonic. He is soft-hearted, empathetic, and lively.

As far as Sonic’s powers are concerned, he can travel at the speed of sound. This means that you cannot see him while he runs and so his name turned out to be “Sonic”. He certainly uses his flexible flips, spins, kineticism, and absolute strength to impress everyone. The maneuvers like Extreme Gear, Spin Attack, and Homing Attack are the best. When you (as a gamer) would pass levels than can enjoy the powers of chaos emeralds and this transforms Sonic and his abilities as well.

Knuckles the Echidna

Belonging to the Knuckles clan, this echidna was not our choice because he was a villain of the story and in games as well but now he has become an ally of Sonic. This is why Knuckles has become a part of our list as well. His flaming red color, mid-parted red fur, onesie-styled suit, spikey white gloves, and big crooked eyes tell a lot about him.

Initially, Knuckles was a negative character because he has always been alone and none of his species is left. Now that he has changed, Knuckles still isn’t very social. It is arduous for him to conversate with others and so is honest to the extent that might hurt as well. However, Knuckles is very protective of his loved ones but never expresses. With his solid steel punch, speed faster than Sonic, physical power, and others he knocks down all his opponents. His diligence and determination to become the best have driven him so far and make him one strong example for all.

Miles Prower

Call him “Tails” that would be better! Want to know why? Hysterically, he has two tails and so turned out to be called by this name. Other than twin tales, he is a yellow fox who is cuter than you can imagine. Tails’ innocent blue eyes and front fur (presented as hair) make him look more intriguing.

His friendship with Sonic has polished his abilities as well. Tails was a shy boy but now he is equally expressive and extrovert as well. Though he is young but still you can’t beat him when it comes to mechanics and inventions (he is obsessed with new creations). He is more powerful than others because he can fly, run as fast as Sonic, Spin Jumps, and others. We don't what house Miles belong to but you can check your LoL House here.

Amy Rose

Amy is one of those characters who can do anything for love and turns a little more obsessive than usual. She loves Sonic and her way of expressing it is different. She is a girl who is packed with energy and doesn’t like to get bored. Wherever she goes, she takes her zest and zeal with her but she always keeps her anger on the tip of her nose.

She is pink in color with fur parted sideways (as hair). Her attractive personality is indeed praised by all while she is an equal competitor for all. With her Piko Piko Hammer, Amy can bring anyone on her knees. Her speed, acrobatic skills, shockwave strength, cartomancy, and other maneuvers are quite pleasant to use during the game. Don’t make the mistake of taking her as an easy target because she isn’t one at all…


Don’t wait anymore for the answer to your questions as the What Sonic Character Are You Quiz is one fun thing that you shouldn’t miss at all!