Call of Duty Quiz: Which COD character are you?

What Call of Duty Character Are You Quiz

The award-winning game "Call of Duty" is super thrilling and excites the nerves to the point that it becomes impossible to leave the game without completing all the missions successfully and most of all, without giving up lives. The Call of Duty game takes the players to the time of World War 2 and they have to win the battle fought between Russia, the USA, and the United Kingdom.

There are 24 Call of Duty games but which call of duty is the best in your views as the initially released eight games are about World War 2 while the remaining involve today’s world and the gamers need to fight fictitious wars and battles. Amazingly, there are many characters with which gamers can enjoy CoD, and new faces in the form of characters are added often to maintain the interest of players, and this perks them up as well. But let us ask! What Call of Duty character are you? Oh no! Your answer might be an embarrassment for you if other CoD gamers would know. Hurry up and take the Which Call Of Duty Character Are You Quiz!


Call of Duty Personality Test
COD OP Kingfish - 10/8/13

Ready to find out about the best characters in the Call of Duty game?

Alex Mason

Alex is a prominent character in the CoD games and appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops 1, 2, 4, and Cold War. Alex is an exceptional character as he is a CIA agent and a retired Marine Force Captain. His confident face and actions are proof that he can easily accomplish the mission if the one playing is competent enough to utilize him as a character.

The storyline has been made intriguing by inculcating Alex in missions like Operation Flashpoint, Capture by Kravchenko and Escape, Hunting Down Perseus, Attack on Menendez Compound, and others.

Captain John Price

Captain John Price also known as ‘Bravo Six’ is one of the coolest and most popular characters in the game. His cigar and champaign celebrations are equally enjoyed by the gamers as well. Price has been introduced in the Modern Warfare series and belongs to the British Special Force and is a member of the British SAS.

Price is a skilled sniper and has been highlighted in missions like Rescuing Code Name ‘Nikolai’, Search for Al-Asad, etc while in Chased by Zakhaev the mission gets complex and he needs to evacuate from the city with an injured partner. No doubt that you would enjoy playing CoD as Price.

John MacTavish

John MacTavish is commonly known as ‘Soap’ in the game. His appearance as a major character has been made in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare while he takes on missions like Operation Kingfish, Recovering the ACS, Counterstrike in Russia, The Contingency, Hunting Makarov, and others.

MacTavish belongs to British special forces and is a sniping machine. Even his confident decisions and leadership in the missions make him stand out from all other characters. We don’t think that MacTavish can miss any shot, so you might plan to play as MacTavish in your next game.


Simon Riley aka Ghost is famous for his balaclava that has a skull made over it. No one can see the face of Riley as he wears red sunglasses, headphones, and his army uniform as belongs to the British special forces and is a Lieutenant. Well, it is a fact that enemies do consider him as a Ghost because of his impeccable shooting skills.

While being second in command of Task Force 141, Riley led the missions like Hunting Rojas, Death of Makarov, Infiltration of Russian Oil Rig, and etc. So thinking to avail perks while playing as Ghost and by the way, what is your perk in Call of Duty?


The original name of this character has not been mentioned while everyone identifies him with his code name Bell. He has been introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. The character of Bell is quite interesting as players receive multiple options with which they can change the endings.

It depends upon the players if they wish to associate themselves with the Soviet Union as member of KGB or the USA as part of the CIA; moreover, his face has also been hidden with the balaclava. Bell takes on missions like MKUltra, Stopping Volkov, Operation Greenlight, etc.

Nick Reyes

The character Nick Reyes is from the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. His hard work and vision promoted him from Lieutenant to Captain of team Retribution. With the character of Nick Reyes, players accomplish missions that take them to the tour of different planets.

Nick is passionate, courageous, and has the heart to fight and vanquish those who think they can take over the earth without any resistance. Prominent victories can be earned with Reyes in the missions like Operation Dark Quarry, Operation Port Armour, Operation Burn Water, and Operation Black Flag.

Kyle Garrick

Garrick was first featured in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and since then he has been appreciated and loved by majority of the players. Being a British Special Air Serviceman, Garrick worked with Captain Price and with the teamwork they manage to trace Hadir Karim and his dirty businesses. Due to all his efforts, he became part of team Task Force 141 and got the nickname ‘Gaz’ with code name the ‘Bravo Five’.

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Frank Woods

You can find Woods as a protagonist and main character in Call of Duty: Black Ops, Black Ops II, Black Ops: Declassified, and Black Ops Cold War. He is the Master Sergeant has been affiliated with USMAC is gamers’ favourite while Woods’ famous skins include Broken Arrow, Wind Jammer, Undergrowth, Stinger, Clay Fire, and etc.


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All set to answer the Call Of Duty Personality Quiz and share the interesting results of it with fellow gamers to let them know how fearless and competent Call of Duty player are you like the CoD characters.

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