Roblox Quiz: Which Roblox Character Are You?

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Roblox is an online gaming platform that has engaged more than 100 million people around the globe. It was launched in the year 2006 and since then Roblox has been grabbing the attention of gamers with almost 40 million games and only in the US, over half of the children who age under sixteen years play at Roblox. On the other hand, Roblox has become the most-watched game on Youtube and other streaming platforms.

The games are not only to kill the time but also help children to socialize and make new friends with the online chat options which aid to form an online gaming community using Roblox. This single place has all kinds of game whether you like shooting, role-playing, racing, or others.

Roblox is loved by all but do you know Which Roblox character are you? There are almost 100 characters in Roblox. If you do not have any idea about Roblox characters then What Roblox character are you quiz is for you and now, let’s roll!


Which Roblox Character Are You Quiz
Roblox Characters - Roblox Corporation

Let’s talk about the characters and prepare you for the Roblox Test!

Captain Roblox

The main hero of Robloxia, Captain Roblox is in the heart of all the gamers as he is sturdy having a super-hero body and the six-pack abs! Captain Roblox also wears a black eye mask like other superheroes. He is very strong and can easily lift heavy things like trucks, cars, and even heavier things without much effort. Captain Roblox’s super strength and leadership are his major abilities and he also has the ability to grow in size instantly to defeat the villains. Honestly, we all wish Captain Roblox to take a part in FNAF Trivia to save us all 🙂

Captain Roblox makes sure that there is peace in Robloxia and if anyone causes destruction such as Darkmatter then no one can save them from the anger of Captain Roblox.


The powerful character of Amethysto also known as the Darkmatter entices the players with his vibrant purple armor and hair. Amethysto has been a close friend of heroes of the Robloxia world like Captain Roblox, Tessla, Overdrive, and others; however, he couldn’t control his conscience and chose the wrong way of dark powers which is why he was named ‘Darkmatter’ but his friends enlightened him again with their hope and the positivity and made Amethysto a hero again.

Amethysto has Plasma Sheild and Plasma Bolts that help him to defeat his enemies and throughout the game, he looks for nuclear elements to increase his power intensity.


One of the most handsome and every little girl’s crush Draco is also a prominent character in Roblox world. Draco has green eyes, brown hair made into spikes along with some trendy accessories like headbands.

Draco’s only goal is to discover the whole world and the various beings and species that live there. He has the skill to tame and train dragons and he is also a dragon training master at school in the world of Robloxia.


In the most played game ‘Adopt Me!’ in Roblox, Sabertooth is a dream of every child who buys a pet in the game. Sabertooth is extremely rare and turns into a strong pet. The trainers can easily train this adorable pet with tricks like jump, sit, beg, and lay down in the early stages.

Sabertooth has features of different animals like sharp long teeth like elephants, coral colour, and stripes at the body and small ears like tigers. It also has a Neon and Mega Neon appearance that makes the feet and stripes glow into neon and rainbow colours.


Tessla is also a hero in Robloxia who is a young girl but brave enough to win over stronger villains. Captain Roblox chose Tessla in his team because she has the power of electricity and the electric bolts that release from her hands cause destruction to the areas of enemies.

This superhero wears a blue suit that has the logo of Captain Roblox on it and has blonde hair tied into a braid. Tessla has helped the team in defeating Darkmatter.


Rainbow is a nice and sweet girl who loves ice cream more than anything. Rainbow has sweet looks just like her favourite things as she has brown hair silk as chocolate and wears a pink dress along with her famous cake hat that every kid finds cute. She has strong friendship with Draco, Funneh, Lunar, and Gold. The adventures of these friends furnish the players with enjoyment while playing.


Overdrive has blades on his hands that are sharper than anything and he can have his normal hands whenever he wishes and can change them into blades whenever his team needs his assistance in fights. Not only this but Overdrive has power that can manipulate time and he can easily slow down time which helps him to win and he is always a step ahead of his enemies.

The high-tech suit of Overdrive is black as coal with bright glowing yellow stripes and he also wears yellow and black glass to protect his eyes while cutting the wires and other objects.


Cicada is a male human-like bug but he is not as sweet as bugs as he is the villain in Robloxia. He had been imprisoned years ago but managed to escape. One of the abilities that save him and empower him is his wings. He flies fast and hardly comes in hands of anyone but the Heroes of Robloxia always catch him. He teamed up with other villains like Atomic Waste, Darkmatter, and Dynamo to take over the world of Roblox but our Heroes always there to fight as well.

Cicada has a yellow body with green wings and long antennas, while his mouth and eyes are like bugs, however, his hands and legs are like humans.


Did you know, almost 40% of the Roblox players are females whether young or old! So, ladies ready to answer the Roblox Diva Quiz.