Genshin Quiz – Which 5-Star Genshin Impact Character Are You?

Genshin Impact Kinnie and Kin – Which Genshin Character Am I Quiz

Do you also wish to visit and explore Teyvat at least once? You are just like us! How beautiful is the area in the Genshin Impact game, full of scenic sights! Teyvat consists of seven ideal nations, namely Fontaine, Mondstadt, Inazuma, Snezhnaya, Sumeru, Natlan, and Liyue. Being in a game that involves godly figures make it more interesting to play. Think when each seven nation is run by another god then chaos is necessary.

If you ask us, then we would definitely say it without any hesitation that games that have an intriguing plot, characters, and extraordinary graphics would be our first priority! In Genshin Impact, the story begins to gain pace when two travelers plan to explore the worlds beyond the stars and get stuck at Teyvat. In Teyvat, they were separated from each other and one was sealed unconscious. After 500 years of prolonged sleep, he is on the verge to find his mate.

Now that we have revived your memory about Genshin Impact, you are also willing to figure out which genshin impact character are you? All you need to do is click on the Genshin Impact Character Quiz. But, before you jump into the Genshin Impact Quiz, do get a closer look at the characters so you can comprehend the intrinsic connection and resemblance between you and the characters.


Genshin Impact game is loaded with 41 amazing playable characters. Why look into all 41 characters when we have found the most influential and important characters in the Genshin Impact game!!! We are very sure that you would have never known these 5-Star Genshin Impact characters like you’ll know them today… So, which genshin impact character are you?

Which 5-Star Genshin Impact Character Are You?
Genshin Impact - miHoYo

Hu Tao

Hu Tao is a beautiful girl with long grey hair. Her red eyes automatically depict to the characters that she is a pyro character. Her abilities and strengths as a pyro character have ranked up high in the list of the best characters in the game. Hu Tao is also the manager of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor.

When you begin to play as Hu then you find that she isn’t that strengthened but around level 40 you get to have a better side of Hu. Some of her best attacks include Normal Attack in which she throws spears one after the other, Charged Attack allows her to march forward causing damage to the enemy, and the Plunging Attack in which Hu jumps and falls over her enemy, knocking it down.

Moreover, Ho Tao can also benefit you with her talents known as Paramita Papilio State and Blood Blossom Effect. The first one, empower Hu to infuse various elements and increase the effects. The latter causes pyro damage to the opponents affected until she leaves the ground; quite similar to Valorant Quiz.


Ayaka belongs to the nobility and is a princess of the Kamisato clan (her attire also helps to guess this!). Her mannered moves and politeness make us feel that we really turn into a princess with long lavender hair, indigo eyes, and Ayaka’s signature fan. Ayaka’s powers related to cryo can confer as well as resist a great amount of damage at the same time.

Her most influential weapon Mistsplitter Reforged can release the elemental damage for the enemies (the damage released depends upon the player). Whereas, Ayaka is the best when he comes to infusion of elements like Senho and Cryo, Hydro and Cryo, etc. Ayaka’s major power Cryo allows her to freeze her enemy in an instant but when she possesses Blizzard Strayer then it can be multiplied to a greater extent. The power of Kamisato Art – Hyouka can help her to freeze anyone with the ice that she can unleash.

 In the Genshin Impact Kin Quiz do you wish to be Ayaka? If yes, then, you must have observed some resemblance between yourself and her.


With blue hair and fiery mustard eyes is Xingqiu. He possesses powers over the element of Hydro. You might think that Xingqiu isn’t that brilliant compared to all but his love for books and knowledge really make him stand tall all with his amazing powers. Each drop released by Xingqui causes a great deal of damage and so the Rain Swords not only hurt enemies but also work as his shield.

On the other hand, Rainbow Bladework is useful in defeating multiple opponents as each drop of water that reaches them, work as a sword and give immediate damage. Moreover, Xingqiu is favorable for teamwork because he does an outstanding job when his Hydro is combined with other elements like Electro, Pyro, and others.


Venti is one special character who isn’t easy to own. He has such charming eyes, sea-green in color and even dark blue hair having lowlights of a similar sea-green color (just Wow!). As for his skills as a fighter, Venti is a talented marksman. Venti’s Normal Attack allows him to shoot 6 arrows at a time, Charged Attack deals with the Aimed Shot releasing powers of his element Anemo and Plunging Attack permit him to shower the opponents with unlimited arrows causing high damage.

We know that you are well aware of the fact that Venti can manipulate the element of Anemo, this helps him to initiate strong winds making the enemies face quite a lot of hardships even before getting close to him. One of the advantages that Venti has is that he can ride the winds he flows with his powers. Well, most of us really want to be Venti by the Which Genshin Impact Character Are You Quiz. Why not, isn’t it cool to rule the winds and travel anywhere we wish!


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