Best Roblox Faces – Which Roblox Face Are You?

What Roblox Face Are You Quiz

Does this happen to you as well that nobody understands your mood and emotions? What should be done is that everybody knows what’s going on in your mind. For example, if you feel sad then others automatically solace you, if you are nervous they motivate you, when you experience happiness they are there to share it, when you feel excited about any adventure then they join you along, and the list goes on. But then again WHAT TO DO?

We know exactly what you need, the “Roblox Face Quiz”! We have heard from our sources that you are a great player of Roblox and the gaming community knows you well. You know what, our Roblox Face Trivia can accurately confirm what Roblox Face are you? This way you would be able to tell everyone about your mood. Isn’t this the perfect way to express your emotion!


Which Roblox Face Are You?

Regardless of the fact if you are an extrovert or an introvert, humans feel afraid and nervous while sharing their emotions but with our quiz, you’d know what Roblox face to choose while playing. This would not only make Roblox more interesting but more people would be attracted to communicate with you. Not only you can make every Roblox day interesting with new avatars, by changing shirts, dresses, and accessories, but the option of face begets the biggest alterations to the character.


Don’t worry, there are enough Roblox faces for everyone and every day. Well, it is claimed that there are around 600 faces in Roblox. The price of every face differs and you can buy most of them with Robux (Roblox currency) while some are special and can only be bought with real currency.


Best Roblox Faces

We are about to share the best faces in Roblox. The ones which have won the hearts of almost every player. If you are eager to know which are they, then join us below.

Not So Friendly Eviscerator

Not So Friendly Eviscerator seems like a naughty and innocent face. It has blood-red eyes and a smiling mouth. Well, the whole fun lies in its smile as Not So Friendly Eviscerator has sharp long teeth. However, it isn’t scary at all and so, we all take quite an interest in it. It portrays that neither the player is innocent nor brutal, but somewhere in between.

Woman Face

“Oh, what a beauty!” would be your first comment when you’d see the Woman Face. It is purely to attract all others with the charm of aesthetics. Not only are the eyes, eyebrows, and lips made with perfection but some makeup is also visible. The eyeliner and pink lipstick make it more alluring. The player can look fashionable and grown up with this one.

Awesome Face

When you feel happy after winning a quest or building something new then Awesome Face is what you need. The round eyes with raised eyebrows and eyeballs can relay your happiness and proud moment to everyone. Plus, the inverted triangular smile shows light teeth and that creates a sort of “Wow!” So, if you want everyone to know how happy you are then apply this face.

Beast Mode

Of course, everyone has bad days in life and you are a human as well. We sometimes feel like we’ll crush the whole world in our fists but it’s not possible. Hence, we try to portray this kind of mood with our angered expressions. In Roblox, you can flaunt your beasty side with the red eyes with flinched eyebrows, and a yelling mouth that shows all the razor-sharp teeth. It may be of 115,000 Robux but Beast mode is definitely worth it.

Classic Male Face

Most of the men pick Classic Male Face for their characters. The good thing about this face is that it suits every avatar you try. The daring green eyes and perfect teeth displaying a winning smirk are definitely appealing to everyone. All in all, the thick brown brows, confident expression with a hint of innocence, and manly looks are everyone’s favorite.

Dizzy Face

Too much work has baffled you? Share your Dizzy Face and tell the world that you are in no mood for silly and sarcastic conversations. Black round eyes with small white eyeballs depict confusion with their unmatched positions while the wavy lines strengthen the obnoxious appearance. You can apply this face when you are tired of working and just wish to relax while playing Roblox.

Bad Dog

When the world thinks that they can do everything with you just because you don’t fight back then we would advise you to wear the face of Bad Dog for a few days. The brutality in the flinched eyes and down-turned curve (portraying unhappiness) would let them know that you aren’t made of sand that can be washed off, instead, you can shake their spirits by showing them your most aggressive side.


Absolutely not! When you are playing Roblox then nothing is fixed and you enjoy the power to create everything. If you have the mood to go beyond the fixed lines then you can even create your own face without any problem. However, it would take a lot of time and you’ll have to spend money for buying each and every item related to face.


That’s the best thing about Roblox, it never halts to bring a smile to faces even if it is your Roblox character! There are some faces that are absolutely free in Roblox. This way you don’t have to spend your money and don’t have to live expressionlessly.


Hurry up and roll in to find out which Roblox Face are you most like? Golden chances like these don’t step at the door frequently so why miss this one!