Call of Duty: Mobile Quiz – How Well Do You Know COD Mobile?

COD Mobile Trivia Quiz

Guess the best game which every gamer can play from every part of the world, regardless of console and the other tensions. Are you trying to predict the name of the game? If you have said Call of Duty Mobile game then great! It means that you have an excellent memory. Whereas, if you made a wrong guess or were unable to make a choice then just ponder about how are you going to perform in the Call of Duty Mobile Test?

Keep in mind, this is the Hardest Call of Duty Mobile Trivia ever made! Only the best gamers can pass the quiz with flying colors while others would face failure. We hope you are well prepared and would embarrass yourself in front of all the Call of Duty Mobile gamers around the world. Hmm, anxiousness is visible in your eyes. Relax, you are here for fun! We would help you out and you can read the most important information about Call of Duty Mobile. With that, you would probably be able to answer all the questions easily (Don’t tell about this while you share the result of the Call of Duty Mobile Quiz!).


COD Mobile Quiz
Call of Duty Mobile - Activision

Call of Duty Mobile game is one of the most famous games in history developed by a Chinese company named TiMi Studio Group. The best thing about this game is that it is absolutely free to play and is made specifically for mobile game lovers. In this shooter game, various modes, weapons, graphics, effects, and gameplay are what we are a fan of. Although the game got released in 2019 but soon reached the record of 270 million downloads while the daily active users are almost 10 and 13 million. Call of Duty Mobile has won Hollywood Music in Media Award 2021 and the EE Mobile Game Of The Year 2020 at the BAFTA Games Awards.


The sole thing that you need to focus on in the Call of Duty Mobile game is “Survival”. You have to pick a mode (as per your mood 😉 ) and fight until you can. Everyone is against each other! You can go for single-player or multi-player mode both. In a multi-player mode, you can invite your friends to elevate the action and fun.


Let’s have a look at the best modes available in the Call of Duty Mobile game because no game can be good until you pick the right mode. This would also help you while you are stuck in thinking about what Call of Duty Mobile modes to choose?

Multiplayer Mode

In multiplayer mode, you can go for the numerous variations of gameplay offered. For instance,

Search And Destroy: Players are divided into teams, one is tasked to destroy an object while the other needs to stop the opposing team from doing this.

Kill Confirmed: Your team’s win depends on the number of dogtags you collect from your enemies. Same would your enemies try so it won’t be easy.

Frontline: There is a kill limit set for both teams. The one who completes the count first wins.

Free For All: In this, no one is your friend and you have to play for yourself. The gamer who kills the specified number of enemies first wins the game.

Domination: It is all about earn points. The gamers have to keep their eyes on them and grab as much as possible. Once you enter the score limit first then you’ll be tagged as the winner.

How Well Do You Know COD Mobile?
COD Mobile - Activision

Battle Royale

Battle Royale is pretty amazing and twisting. A single Battle Royale game contains up to 100 players from different parts of the world. You can play alone, in a pair of two, or in teams of four. Once you dive from the plane then you have to fight with the only object (knife) that you have. You can collect weapons and items. However, make sure you remain in the safe zone and if you are left out then you’d get killed. Your enemies would get the dogtag from your body. To win, you must stand as the last one alive!


Though Zombie mode has been removed but it was definitely amazing and there are some chances that it might revive again. In the game, you have to stand against zombies who are ready to kill you. If you would be able to combat with your weapons only then you’d be able to win. Hard chance but we know you can!


One thing has to be said over here, all the characters in Call of Duty Mobile are superb! This raises the important question which Call of Duty Mobile character are you most like? Maybe, you’ll be able to pick one like you from this list. After all, you deserve the best… (If you're looking for a COD Quiz on characters, go to our Which COD Character Are You Quiz)

David Mason

David Mason is the son of Alex Mason has always been the main character, fighting against his enemies as SEAL Team Six. No one should challenge his skills or would die.

Simon "Ghost" Riley

He is commonly known as a ghost because of his “Iconic skull balaclava”. It has really given him fame and everyone stays curious to see his face. He leads Task Force 141 impressively when needed.

John Price

There are no words that can define his skills and experience but his opponents must keep in mind that he has been part of the British Special Forces, leader of the Bravo Team, and Task Force 141. John has also eliminated the threat of Zakhaev and Makarov.


How much do you know about Call of Duty Mobile? It’s time to find out where you stand when it comes to the Call of Duty Mobile game. Are you all set for this challenge???