Cookie Run Kingdom Quiz – Which Cookie Are You?

Which Cookie Run Character Are You Quiz

Cookie Cookie Cookie! Have you also fallen in love with the Cookie Run Kingdom game as much as you love cookie dough? The game rose to the best games chart as soon as it was released. Many gamers literally got shocked to see its success and are willing to know why the Cookie Run Kingdom is so famous. So, we thought why not treat you with all the important information about the Cookie Run Kingdom and our Yummylicious Cookie Run Quiz which would finally unveil which Cookie Run Kingdom character are you most like? Are you ready for this sweet ride, we hope you are because it’s going to be a whole lot of fun…


The most amazing thing about the Cookie Run Kingdom game is that it offers incredible visuals which make the screen and characters look more delicious. Plus, the story interestingly fashions things while most of the missions are directly linked to the story. One more thing, players love this game because it allows them to fulfill a dream that almost everyone has in their hearts (Keep reading if you want to find out what it is). Having said this, don’t even bear the misunderstanding that playing it would be as pleasing and comfortable as watching because it would definitely give you a tough time!

Cookie Run Kingdom Quiz
Cookie Run Kingdom - Devsisters


Keep your hand at your heart and tell us, “Don’t you wish to be a king or queen and have a land on which you can rule?” Well guess what? Cookie Run Kingdom game can make it come true as all you need to have is the courage to step into the Earthbread. If you want to hear out the story behind the Cookie Run Kingdom game then listen up!

Once upon a time, there was a world where witches used to conjure up various magical tricks. One day, they thought of baking “5 special cookies”. These cookies were then treated with love and some pure magic and thus had some magical powers in themselves as well. These five united and made their own world where everyone lived with peace and harmony. Their words were sweet as sugar while their acts were always for the benefit of others. However, things couldn’t persist this way for very long, and dark forces were unleashed to spread the chaos to reign.

Now tell us! Would darkness win over the last ray of hope or would you take part and stand with the five saviors in order to save the candied world? If you are eager to hop in then you must know on which side are you, and for that, you must answer the Cookie Run Kingdom Kin Quiz so that you know whose part are you going to take! By the way; if you like playing mobile games, you should also have a look at our The Sims Quiz.


If you are really willing to know which are the best playable characters in the Cookie Run Kingdom game then join us. It would help you out in deciding what Cookie Run Kingdom character to choose?

Which Cookie Run Character Are You?
Best Cookie Run Characters - Devsisters

White Lily Cookie

Like the most beautiful flower in the world is our White Lily Cookie! She is a peace lover like her symbolic flower but don’t consider White Lily Cookie fragile because she makes all her enemies kneel down within minutes. This cookie has the power to summon other lilies which attack the foes and shield her and the entire team.

White Lily Cookie also has an appearance like a flower as her hair and staff is of lilies while her green cloak seems like the sepals. It is said that there isn’t any soul as gentle as that of hers. Her gentle looks never let the enemies know how wild she is.

Pure Vanilla Cookie

Pure Vanilla Cookie is the most special cookie in the game and never underestimate him as he is the leader of all the ancient cookies. He is the ruler of Vanilla Kingdom. Nowhere would you be able to find any cookie more pious and warm-hearted as Pure Vanilla Cookie. Even his looks would indicate his rank in the Earthbread as he wears the crispy golden cloak, carries a Vanilla Orchid Staff and has a halo over the head.

The most prominent skill of Pure Vanilla Cookie is healing, not only himself but his whole team. His kindness never lessens and whenever his team is in need then they find Pure Vanilla Cookie’s shield hovering over them in order to save his loved ones.

Hollyberry Cookie

Hollyberry Cookie is a female cookie who is more like a fairy godmother for all in the game. She has the unique ability to absorb all the damage that is attacked towards her or the team. Hollyberry Cookie has the power of turning attacks into useful EXPs. The best part about this cookie is that she never fears anything and she never acts cowardly which is why the players often pick her.

The Hollyberry Kingdom is also found by Hollyberry Cookie by she never shows off her powers instead loves to live life by seeking adventures. She can be recognized by her cherry-colored clothes, cherry accessories, and her special cherry pie shield.

Dark Cacao Cookie

The bitterness of the Dark Cacao Cookie is evident from the face. This cookie is the most serious in the Earthbread. Well, his behavior has many reasons behind it, first of all, while Dark Cacao Cookie was being made the cocoa bean fell off and stayed buried in winter ice for a very long time. Since it could hardly ever touch the positivity of sunlight so turned out to be this way.

Dark Cacao Cookie is obsessive about his things, especially his Dark Cacao Kingdom. He has sworn to protect it from all kinds so danger with his extreme fighting skills which are unmatchable.


The chance is here so act fast and answer the Cookie Run Kingdom Trivia to check out what Cookie Run Kingdom character are you? We know that you aren’t that kind of fool who’d miss an opportunity like the Cookie Run Kingdom Test (We hope we are right!)