Cuphead Quiz – What Cuphead Character Are You?

Which Cuphead Am I? & Cuphead Character Quiz

Are you interested in the games that have settings indicating the early 90s games? These games don’t really have all the latest weapons like specialized guns, arms, or ammunition. Instead, they are more inclined towards magic, powers, curses, fictional characters, and etc. Have you tried any of them yet? If no is your answer then you’ve missed a great chance of fun. The notorious video game “Cuphead” is a lot more fun for gamers of all ages.

Since its release, Cuphead has broken many records of success as it has become one of the most sold games in the run and gun category. This is why the question of which Cuphead character are you have become so common all over the internet. Let’s end the curiosity right here and right now with the Cuphead Quiz. You seem more excited than us! Okay now, embrace yourself to answer the Cuphead Trivia Quiz.


Hmm, there are so many reasons why everybody must try the Cuphead at least once and we are thinking which one to share first. Let’s start with the fact that the Cuphead game features the cartoon series which was already a Disney blockbuster. The game initiates with two boys “Cuphead” and his brother “Mugman”. Both are young and always looking for something to excite and thrill them on the boring and monotonous life on Inkwell Isle.

How much do you know about the Cuphead video game and its story further? In case you have forgotten then let us refresh your memory. Both the brothers entered a life that was not only tough and risky but also made them regret their actions. The brothers lost their souls in a casino and were about to lose their lives when they asked for mercy and a way out. There is only one! Cuphead and Mugman must complete a series of tasks that are arduous and perilous, however, there is no other way. As a consequence, you as a gamer need to handle the tasks and complete them robustly to level up and save your life like in the Stardew Valley.

What Cuphead Character Are You?
Cuphead - Studio MDHR


It’s really important to know which Cuphead character do you kin as this way you would know who can help you out in the game. Be quick and read about the best characters in the Cuphead video game before you take on the challenge of the Cuphead Kin Test!


The game has been named after him so you can take an idea of how important he is in it. He is a human but is a cup as well. Hahaha! Don’t get confused, he has a body similar to humans with legs and hands. He dresses up quite well with white gloves in his hands and brown boots on his feet. The only thing that Cuphead has different from humans is that he has a cup instead of a head. On the cup are his eyes, nose, and mouth, and in it is milk and a bendy straw.

It’s almost impossible to take him down because Cuphead never gives up. Even when his life is at risk, he tries his best with his unique powers to overcome the times. Cuphead owns amazing powers which include Mini Bomb, Size Reduction, Milk Beam, Peashooter, Lobber, Resurrection, Astral Projection, and etc.

Hilda Berg

Hilda is one dangerous woman who the gamers have to encounter as they’ll start to play. She also has a face that warns you of her cruelty and evil brain. Hilda has a round face like a ball with a pointed long nose on a tall and slender body. Her powers are irrationally strengthening and it is believed that they reside in the golden sparkling bangles and arrow on her head.

Are you excited to know what is her best power? She can shapeshift! She can change into anything she wishes. Getting through her is the toughest challenge you’d have to face in the game and don’t forget that it would just be the initial level. Her sharp eyes never miss a spot for her enemies.


Mugman is quite identical to his brother Cuphead but there are definitely a few things that set him apart. While Cuphead’s nose, shorts, and straw are red in color, Mugman is blue in color. He has a bright blue nose, wears similar color shorts, and in his mug his straw is also blue but isn’t bendy like that of Cuphead. When both stand together, you’d observe that Mugman seems thinner and younger though it isn’t mentioned anywhere.

The two brothers have qualities alike but we must say that Mugman is more calm and thoughtful. He always thinks before acting on something and avoids violence. Cuphead always gets him into problems along with himself. In the game, Mugman also has the same powers as Cuphead but the way both employ them and their strength are different. His positivity and powers like Flight, Rapid Fire Bullets, Milk Beam, Invincibility, and Finger Bullets have given him intense fame.

Goopy Le Grande

Goopy is a blob of slime that is blue in color and can talk and walk. He is also a boss in the game which is why you’ll have to defeat him. His face doesn’t show that he has any sort of negativity in him but what can we do. Goopy can also transform himself and turn into a tombstone which is his mightiest form.

This French slime can compete for long with his boxing abilities and “Grave Danger” attack. But, if you’ll try to hit him in the game then he’d get angrier if you try to hit Goopy on the face (he’s beauty conscious!).


Cuphead Test is ready to blow off your boredom but for that you need to be honest in every question. The Cuphead Kin Quiz would analyze each and every answer carefully so make sure you are honest and only then you’d enjoy the result. All the best!!!