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ETS2 Trivia Quiz for Experienced Truck Drivers

Driving games are given a next level importance in the gaming industry, whether talk about the fast moving cars, motorbikes, or even trucks. Such games aren’t as easy as they seem; the turns, driving, completion of tasks is equally arduous like it is in shooting and other games.

Today, let’s get a peek into an interesting game Euro Truck Simulator 2. Fans are literally going crazy for it as there is no end to this game, each level has new tasks where you would have to buy new trucks in order to complete them. What more? Well, even if you buy the best trucks even then the game has endless opportunities, for instance, startup your own company and make progress by expanding it all over the Europe!

If you want to check how well do you know Euro Truck Simulator game then hop into our Euro Truck Simulator Trivia Quiz!!!


Since your mind is desperate to know why is this game so famous? Then checkout what we have found out before taking the Euro Truck Simulator 2 Quiz.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Truck Manufacturing Companies

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There are more than 7 European companies whose trucks are available for the players to experience. Each one possesses its own benefits but no matter which brand you choose, your heart would never settle until you buy all and that’s a bet!!!

Let’s look at the truck manufacturing companies in ETS2:

  • DAF
  • MAN
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Renault
  • Scania
  • Volvo

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Best Trucks

Hmm, it isn’t easy to buy the best trucks in Euro Truck Simulator 2 since each one seems so amazing and each ones features are also different and better than the other but we have found some of the best ones. Read and check out our choice!


With an engine of 320-680hp, MAN company has manufactured TGX XL in variant colors like Crystal White, Night Blue, etc. Its torque can reach up to 1600NM while its price is €99000. It can easily go on long distance without refueling since TGX XL has a capacity of 1250 L. The engine can be upgraded with more money.

Volvo FH16

Although the Volvo FH16 is a little costly with its price €101000 but remember that it is the “Classic Sleeper” with power of 540hp and torque of up to 2650 NM. The engine can carry heavy loads easily with fuel capacity of 1400 L.

Mercedes-Benz New Actros

The Streamspace model of Mercedes-Benz New Actros is considered one of the bests because of its fuel efficiency, design; moreover, it can carry heavy loads with its strong engine of 421 HP. The Mercedes-Benz New Actros can generate torque of up to 2,100 NM and even the pick-up transmission is rated good. Thinking about its price? Well, it is of €105,905 only.

Renault Magnum

Renault Magnum is one of the best starting truck of Euro Truck Simulator 2. Excellence model by the company is although a bit expensive but if you are able to buy it then heavy-load orders will line-up for you since its sturdy engine of 440 HP and fuel tank capacity of 1,200 L is enough to complete the tasks easily. If you make this choice, then the earning would also be enough to initiate your personal company.

Scania Streamline

In the Scania Streamline, “Normal Roof” is the best piece. At different levels of ETS2 the players can unlock various engines of this truck but even the basic one can produce torque of up to 1,850 NM, whereas, the fuel tank can carry 1,400 L fuel so it easily carries the loads where fuel station are at far distance. Again, the price is a little high since good quality trucks are costly in the game, the Scania Streamline Normal Roof is of €112,000. Maybe, you know the game better than us and receive a high score in Euro Truck Simulator Test, just keep your fingers crossed!!!

Maps In Euro Truck Simulator 2 

Since the game is based on 26 countries of Europe, the map shows countries but without being specific. None of the names of the cities is being highlighted neither the map is based on map of the cities. There are eight maps in the game. Each one possesses diverse opportunities and challenges as well. The delivery tasks, roads, highways, bridges, and most of all the edgy turns of different cities are stimulating. Here are the names of the ETS2 maps:

  • Original game
  • Iberia
  • Scandinavia
  • Vive La France
  • Italia
  • Baltic
  • East
  • Black sea


It is quite obvious that in a truck simulation game, damage to the truck would be made and this is the challenge that the players would be facing. Now, the players would definitely make mistakes and dent or damage their trucks so no need to worry because only five parts bear damage i.e. tires, cabin, chassis, engine and gearbox. If you are looking to give a real damage, go to War Thunder Quiz.

How much do you know about Euro Truck Simulator 2? Let us help you to figure out what could be wrong if the truck malfunctions. The chassis malfunction can be traced if the suspension doesn’t function and turning the truck becomes difficult. As far as the cabin damage is concerned, usually some electrical issues are caused that lead to electric failures in the truck. It is obvious that the engine and gearbox problems might be light to severe depending upon the collision of the truck and so the money spent on its fix is never same. Lastly, tires can become a problem if they receive damage because the truck would slip or the speed would become slow as well.

Figuring out where would all this get fixed? Most of the cities in the game have service shops that repair the trucks but then again, the charges depend upon the damage made and the fee is charged with every single percent of damage.


Aren’t you now prepared for the ETS2 Quiz? Go on answer the questions and assess yourself!