Genshin Impact Quiz- How Well Do You Know Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact Knowledge Quiz

The game Genshin Impact has definitely made quite an impact since the moment it was released. However, you are still unaware of the best part yet because you haven’t answered the Updated Genshin Impact Quiz which would finally reveal your knowledge about this awesome game. If you are eager to find out whether you know the Genshin Impact game or not then you must answer the Genshin Impact Test right now!

Genshin Impact Quiz
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But before we check out how good are you at playing Genshin Impact, let’s have a closer look at the game and find out everything about the Genshin Impact game briefly.


You can easily guess the reasons for its popularity if you are a Genshin Impact player. First of all, the anime lovers who got the chance of playing a game made in anime-style were eager to try it. Then, the characters, gameplay, plotline, characters, weapons, powers, and graphics are all that can hardly be resisted by anyone. Furthermore, the flying, climbing, running, cooking, and other activities, as well as maneuvers, are all very intriguing for the gamers. The game has rightly made billions of dollars because every element of the best game has been blended perfectly into Genshin Impact.


Let us explain the story of the Genshin Impact game briefly! It all starts with you titled as the Traveler. You are a born explorer joined by your twin brother. You are a loving and caring brother and the bond strengthens when you two travel numerous lands but everything turns upright as soon as you both step into Teyvat. A storm took up the peace as one flashed far while the other one was sealed frozen. After years of passing, the sealed Traveler (you) finds his brother who is nowhere to be found. Because you love your brother a lot so you must find him at any cost in the land of Teyvat.

It is then revealed that it was the work of one of the gods of the land. While looking for the lost twin, you would tangle yourself with many of the issues linked to various nations of Teyvat. However, your involvement isn’t liked by the gods of the lands and they turn against you. But, you can’t step back considering all the dirty business going around. So, you keep on defeating the mighty powers!


In Teyvat, there are seven nations and you are accompanied by your best pal Paimon. As soon as you hover down, you must be ready to come in contact with all kinds of villains. You have choices between the missions and quests while you would have to play them to collect rewards and those would help you rank and bring advantages. You would have to go head-to-head with the challenges like dragons, puzzles, fights with villains, and all such. You need to employ your passive and active abilities to win the fights. Each character has the power to manipulate one of the seven elements that are considered the sole sources of power in this fantasy world.

The best thing about the Genshin Impact game is that it frequently updated its characters and their abilities. You may be playing as one character but you change yourself any moment you like. So, you can use different powers and good combinations can really aid your win.


There are almost 48 playable characters in the game but do you know which Genshin Impact character are you most like? If No is your answer then take the Genshin Impact Character Quiz to find out! However, for now, let’s look into the all-time favorite Genshin Impact characters because “What Genshin Impact character to choose?” is the hardest one.

How Well Do You Know Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact


How much do you know about Genshin Impact Ganyu? She is an incredible archer who uses her bow and other elemental powers to take down the enemies who are fool enough to attack her. Basically, Ganyu is a human and adeptus hybrid. She possesses the power of cryo while her Frostflake Arrows and Ice Lotus are quite impressive. When the cryo flowers attract all her enemies and explode then the remaining can be killed by aiming the arrows at them.


Xingqiu is an extremely talented character in the fight when you need someone with decent Hydro powers. He seems like an ordinary lad but is lethal with a hydro sword and can easily target his opponents but it’s risky as well because you’d have to go pretty near for that. Moreover, he has interesting healing powers and if you switch your character to him then can cover up the health status facilely. But, remember to employ his powers in the combo because they go really well with Cryo and Electro.

Hu Tao

Everyone loves Hu Tao! There are many reasons behind this fact but the most important one important is that she can absorb many attacks which can end the game for many. Hu Tao also owns the Pyro vision which can help her to blend many elemental powers at a time and in them the best one is the Blood Blossom effect. This can change the battle in your favor within seconds. Although Hu Tao doesn’t need many weapons but the ideal one for her is the Staff of Homa.


Think again! What an honor would it be when everyone would congratulate you on your 100% score in the Genshin Impact Knowledge Quiz. So, don’t just sit but click as well…