Identity V Quiz – Which IDV Character Are You?

IDV Personality Test & What Identity V Character Am I?

Identity V is one of the best games in the survival horror genre. Every player who enters the Identity V game once then it becomes impossible to leave it. The characters and plotline of the game are praiseworthy and when it was released only in China then the players around the world were really jealous (we can’t lie!). Obviously, we all wanted to try the next sequel of the Identity game series. Hence, before it was offered to the whole world we all were playing it via VPNs. Anyhow, we know that you are also as satisfied and electrified after playing Identity V as we are. We also know that you have been searching for an Accurate Identity V Quiz. We understand that you can’t trust every other quiz for finding out which Identity V character are you? Of course, you know that no one can bring accuracy like our Identity V Test.

Let’s hit the road to Identity V Trivia Quiz to find out Which IDV character are you?


Identity V Quiz
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The Identity V game seems pretty straight and simple (but you can’t even imagine how tough it becomes!) Apparently, the fight is between Hunters and Survivors. All the challenges that are faced in Identity V are encountered to help a detective who has been through a mysterious trauma. He is unable to remember anything from the past but is now using his skills of investigation and unveiling the secrets. He needs to decipher codes and passwords in order to track the reality.

However, the game would assign you “Hunters” the task to keep the survivors captive and blast them from the roof through a rocket chair. On the other hand, the “Survivors” need to escape using the resources around and save themselves from the Hunter. Identity V gets trickier depending on the Hunter OR Survivor you choose to be. This is why we are asking you to check out what Identity V Hunter/Survivor to choose for yourself before playing the game.


We have spent hours playing the Identity V game and now we can claim the best Identity V Survivors and Hunters. Let’s see if you second our list or not!

Which IDV Character Are You?
Identity V Drawings


There are almost 36 Survivors (playable) but we have listed the top 2 Survivors in Identity V just for you…

The Mercenary

Naib Subedar is the Mercenary in the game. He is young and athletic which is why choosing him as a Survivor can raise your chances of winning. He is experienced in war tactics as well which helps him in attacking when it comes to fights and battles. Naib is handy with cold weaponry. He takes an active interest in deciphering the codes, climbing, and fist-fighting. His best abilities include Military Training, Steel Will, and Iron Dash while the Shell Shocked trait panics Naib and he can no longer decipher the password. All in all, his speed and agility are the plus points that one needs for winning this game. Naib hates to be under oppression and only wishes for freedom from the manor.

The Doctor

Emily Dyer is the Doctor in Identity V (though she looks more like a nurse). She is petite and fragile but her ability of healing is best for her team. It’s hard to defeat any team that has Emily as she keeps on increasing the healing speed of all so they can work for a long time without dying. Emily always carries the Syringe and her medical bag that give her the abilities like Med Master and Med Elite. However, you can’t trust her much for Vaulting Speed and Pallet Throwing Speed. Unfortunately, Emily is a little slow in this but since she won’t die easily so she deciphers the codes by living longer. Emily just wishes to live a peaceful life but the Hunters won’t let her. Maybe you can help her!


You may turn into any of the 24 Hunters in the game, but we have traced the two most favorite Hunters in Identity V so that you never lose.

The Breaking Wheel

The Breaking Wheel is the character of The Will Brothers. They are conjoined triplets and because of their terrible past are filled with anger and brutality. They do not let anyone stay alive when are around because they believe humans must not be forgotten. Though The Will Brothers have one single body but remember that they have three brains and so their abilities are unbelievable. The Will Brothers possess Wheel of Silence, Wheel of Impalement, Wheel of Destruction, and can assemble as Execution Wheel to become more terrifying. These three brains increase panic and pessimism in the hearts of the Survivors so they are unable to decipher the codes in time.

Dream Witch

Yidhra is rightly called the Dream Witch because you won’t find her face-to-face, instead, she only appears in dreams. She is one dirty witch who doesn’t do anything herself, but rather keeps a follower. Her followers never stop listening to her and she commands them whatever she wants. Yidhra however, leaves a Leech mark on the Followers and the Survivors can track that to save themselves. Since you can’t see Yidhra so how do you think you can kill her? In dreams? Absolutely not! You have to keep your eyes on her Follower because she is always near them. Once you get close to her then take cover from all sides and get rid of this witch. Dead by Daylight has a similar game character too, guess who?


All you need to do is TAP on the Identity V Kin Quiz and find out who can help you in winning this epic game. Whether you play as a Survivor or Hunter, you can’t step back because the Identity V Personality Quiz would write your fate and would claim what Identity V character are you!