OlliOlli World Quiz – Which OlliOlli World Character Are You?

Which OlliOlli World Character Are You Quiz

Do you love skateboarding? Then tell us which OlliOlli World character are you? Everyone who has played the game already knows about their character in the game. Hurry up and find out which OlliOlli World character are you? with the Best Ever OlliOlli World Quiz which has been rated 99.99% accurate by the fans.

Who in the world hasn’t tried skateboarding? Some turn out to be a pro in it (like us), a few keep raging in between and try to be better, while others just give up because they don’t have the guts to be a champ of skateboarding! Hey, in which category do you fall? It is obvious that nobody in the world shares negative things about themselves. This is why we have the Ultimate and Updated OlliOlli World Test to prove it.

OlliOlli World Quiz
OlliOlli World - Private Division


If you are a skateboarding crazy person then you’d definitely be obsessed with the amazing game OlliOlli World. This game stretches up for skateboarders and you turn out to be the struggling one. As a skateboarder, you’d have to go step by step and vendor the tricks with a spark of some of the most difficult places for skateboarding. You have the land of Radlandia which is unpredictable because of the lightning, thunder, rain, winds, etc. But, you have to make sure these trivial things never come in your way to success. The paths of skateboarding would be way more difficult than the usual ones as you’d have to run on pipes and branches rather than on street walks.

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Here, we are about to present to you the tricks and tips that we have learned after giving our blood and sweat into this game. But, you get to have them without any work so enjoy!

Forget Greed!

Of course, you’d want to go further on the levels quickly but relax. Don’t rush for a higher level and if you think you need time then take it. Plus, don’t run after a high score in levels because that might take up to much of your energy. Play OlliOlli World in the easy way because the game would make you bite your nails.

Be Careful While Wall Riding…

Wall riding becomes a huge issue for many players in this game but you can manage it easily. Go for an effortless trick Ollie in and out and be very careful about speed and height. This way, you’d be able to clear out the wall rising in a matter of seconds.

Go For Manual Settings!

Try to set your jump and flight settings manually because that’d be the best for you. Trust us, manual settings would offer stunning results.

Never Settle…

If you think the simple tricks in OlliOlli would help you to make a high score or you’d pass all the levels then you are wrong! You’d have to opt for the advanced tricks as soon as possible. If you are lost in thinking about what OlliOlli World trick to choose at which place then do check the trick list every time you play.


Below are the best characters in the OlliOlli World. Why don’t you have a look at them and figure out which OlliOlli World character are you most like? We know the Olliolli World Kin Quiz is there but some reading won’t harm!

Which OlliOlli World Character Are You
OlliOlli World Characters - Private Division

The Mirage

The Mirage literally seems like a ghost. He has one hand, his body has gaps in many parts, and his head is more like a Halloween mask with two long horns on it. It appears like The Mirage is made of metal. However, leaving all this apart, he is a god in the game whom you’ll find at a level for guidance. The Mirage would also scare you of the reaching challenges and would act in a mean way. You might be like The Mirage if you also think that no one is capable to beat you in any game. Apparently, you have some pride issues.

The Mirage
The Mirage - OlliOlli World


Flora is also one of the gods in the game and is more like the plantation god. She is made of leaves, branches, and twigs. Flora doesn’t seem very active in the game but her hiking clothes like the rugged pink shirt and boots do indicate that she is into skateboarding and probably other adventurous activities as well. You are one of the few people in the world who are similar to Flora. You may seem to have a laidback attitude but you are an adventure lover. Other than skateboarding; skiing, skydiving, and hiking are all on your list.

Flora - OlliOlli World


Gonzo is a pretty strange character in the game with his awfully big eyes, slim body, wearing a sleeveless shirt, checked pants, and half-boots. He holds an interesting green skateboard that has a unique shape. Gonzo doesn’t occur much in the game and talks some awkward things about the hairless cat on whom he made tattoos. We think that you are naughty and a little weird like Gonzo. Don’t worry the most extraordinary people are the ones who seem like weirdos!

Gonzo - OlliOlli World


Technicolas is funny and has a bucket as a head and a starfish on it. He is tall and chubby and holds a blue spade in hand. It feels as if Technicolas is made of Lego or something. However, we all shouldn’t make fun of him as he is the god of skateboarding. All hail Technicolas the God Of Skateboarding! If you are close to Technicolas in nature then you must be carefree, clumsy, and everyone’s favorite. Just like Technicolas, you don’t care what you look like because you know exactly what lies in you!

Technicolas - OlliOlli World


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