Smite Quiz – Which Smite God Are You?

What Smite God Are You Quiz

The gaming industry offers us many new games on daily basis and we pick the one that touches our gaming gut (hahaha)! Do you follow your gaming gut while choosing a game for yourself? Well, we chose one epic game, do you want to know which one is it? It is really the greatest game in the MOBA games category named “Smite.” It definitely turned out to be the best decision of our life as we are totally immersed in the game and it isn’t letting us get out of it. No matter what you check; either the characters, graphics, content, modes, categories, etc everything is perfect.

You know we are trying to become a pro of Smite game for the amazing annual “Smite World Championship”. This championship only allows the best gamers to enter it and you won’t believe that the players can win hundreds of dollars in a matter of hours. But, winning is the most important element and that really depends on which Smite God are you most like? Yes, you heard it right. Characters in Smite are actually mythical gods belonging to various mythos like Greek, Egyptian, Chinese, Celtic, etc. So, if you are eager to become the best player of Smite in the world then track what Smite God are you with our super-fantastic Smite Quiz. No one can help you out in finding the perfect god for you better than our quiz.

But first, let us take you on a journey that would briefly construct your knowledge regarding the Smite game.


Which Smite God Are You
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We know that you always get nervous while thinking “Which Smite God is the best?” because it clearly affects your performance as well. Chillax, the Smite Test will guide you in picking what Smite God to choose? (Of course, it would select the best Smite God for you from all 119 options!)


Thor is a mighty god whether in the Avengers or in the game of Smite. It is hard to take him down and there are many reasons for that. First of all, you must know that Thor is the god of “Thunder and Light” and the son of Odin. Being from the Norse mythology, Odin had many children but no one could be as good as Thor and he became the hero of Asgard. The one who saved the land and its people. Even in Smite, he takes charge of the fight with his ultimate weapon Mjolnir.

No doubt that Mjolnir gives Thor most of his power and no one else can hold this beasty weapon. Moreover, the abilities like Warrior's Madness, Mjolnir's Attunement, Berserker Barrage, Tectonic Rift, and Anvil of Dawn are truly amazing. He can fly, shoot thunders, and lightning, and can crush things and enemies with his brawny muscles.

Cu Chulainn

Cu Chulainn belongs to Celtic mythology and at first glance might seem like an ordinary muscular man. But, the enemies must try not to make him angry, or else they might pay the price with their life. As soon as this god turns outrageous than his appearance and personality change completely. Cu Chulainn doesn’t think before acting, instead, employs his power to attack and win. It is said that Cu Chulainn can win over an army single-handedly.

Yes, don’t forget to admire his great weapons Spear of Mortal Pain and Barbed Spear. These weapons can take down enemies with the extreme power that lies in them. Other than this, Cu Chulainn’s most worthy abilities include Vent Anger, Berserk, Salmon's Leap, and many others have made Cu Chulainn unbeatable and an angry god. One thing that must be noticed about Cu Chulainn is that he always prefers to attack and is a little hard to control.


Nemesis is a powerful god who is above all and can punish even the greatest gods like Thor, Odin, and others when they commit a crime like hubris (according to Greek mythology). She has the supreme power that nobody can challenge. Nemesis is quite attractive and this often astray the enemies which ultimately takes them to the death penalty because of her jaw-dropping powers.

The two things that make Nemesis the great “Goddess of Vengeance” are her sword and the tiara-like halo. She can absorb the health and shields of her opponents leaving them with nothing but pain. Her abilities in Divine Judgement, Retribution, Slice and Dice, Scales of Fate, Swift Vengeance, and others are breathtaking. Plus, her aggressive nature is the cherry on top of all this. We don’t think anyone can live through these disastrous powers of Nemesis.


You might be wondering how can a goddess be this modern by wearing a suit instead of the legendary cape and goddess dress. Well, don’t mind but Bellona is different from all others and her powers are also eye-opening. Smite has added more hotness to Bellona through various skins to her character and most of the players prefer her in the contemporary skin. She is one of those few gods who can disarm their opponents. Our Bellona comes out of Roman mythology and is famous as the “Goddess of War.”

Anyone who’d come to fight her would definitely commit suicide because you can’t win from a goddess who lives to combat. With her shield and sword, Bellona becomes invincible as you can’t fight off her abilities like Shield Bash, Master of War, Bludgeon, Scourge, and Eagle's Rally. If you ask us then we’d simply say that Bellona is a “Killing Machine” so better not to go near her.

Smite Quiz
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We can see that you are desperate for the Smite Trivia. Hahaha, we understand, you would not only be able to reveal the best character but you’ll also know which Smite God do you kin with the Smite Kin Quiz. All the luck from our side…