Stranger Things Games Quiz – Which Stranger Things Game Character Is Perfect For You?

Which Stranger Things Game Character Are You Quiz

Stranger Things season 4 is about to hit the Netflix screens but you need to wait a few more days. Until then, why don’t you step into the best games by answering the Stranger Things Games Quiz and tracking which Stranger Things Games character are you?

Stranger Things Games Quiz
Stranger Things Games - Netflix


We know that gamers are always desperate for adventure, action, and thrill and only the best games can offer them all these things. Today, not only you’d find out what Stranger Things game to choose the next time you play but also know which Stranger Things games character is best for you! Look, every character in the games has some influential abilities and attitudes. If you are willing to play in full swing then you must check which Stranger Things Games character are you most like? Get to know everything you need to know about Stranger Things games and their characters…


Let’s track the games that are considered “The Best Stranger Things Games Up Till Now!” Let’s see how many have you played?

Stranger Things: The Game

Stranger Things: The Game is a fabulous one though it had been released almost 3-4 years ago but still everyone seems interested in playing it. There are many reasons why Stranger Things: The Game wins heart, first of all, it has the nostalgic ideal 16-bit graphics. Moreover, there is a massive map that is available for all the actions. The monsters are after you and you have to collect VHS Tapes, Gnomes, Eggo waffles, Hearts, and other things in the town of Hawkins and Upside Down.

Stranger Things 3: The Game

Stranger Things 3: The Game has the perfect recipe that we all wanted from this franchise. Though it also portrays the 80s period in the 16-bit graphics but it makes everyone feel that they are in the game. Whether it is about the secret meetings in Mike’s basement or the adventures to Upside Down, everything thrills. The best part is that you get to play with two characters and can switch between them as per your wish. The missions and quests are arduous to complete but every character has to simulate twelve abilities. These would help you to win!

On the other hand, there are immensely popular games that had crossovers with Stranger Things skins, characters, monsters, and stories. Some of the most famous ones are:

  • Fortnite
  • Smite
  • Dead By Daylight
  • Minecraft
  • The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross
  • Rocket League

Do you know, in March 2022, Netflix has signed new contracts with Next Games, and from now on everyone Stranger Things fan would find spectacular games on their phones and Netflix app! All would have the themes, characters, and story with the official faces and names. Isn’t this amazing news!


Every game has its own characters who become mighty with the unique abilities they gain. We have for you the “Four Best Characters in Stranger Things Games.” So, are you ready to check them out?

Which Stranger Things Game Character Is Perfect For You
Stranger Things Game Character - Netflix


Eleven is a character who possesses Psychic powers like Psychic Push attack and Nuke. She can really give strong damage to opponents even if she is far. If you are like Eleven then you must be a sturdy gamer who does back off in the gravest circumstances. Similarly, you don’t care what others think, all you want is to eradicate all the dangers as soon as possible. You are quick in action and are always at the right place at the right time. People think of you as a naïve and easy target but you are the complete opposite!

Eleven - Stranger Things Games


Max is quite an attractive character for all. She is famous as the Medical Kit in the game because of her healing ability “Medic.” She on one hand heals and can hit a strong kick with a Kick attack that is the strongest in the game. Enemies are left motionless after one single kick. If you think you are like Max then make sure you are kind and passionate and hardcore for those who go against you. The ones who aren’t loyal to you are idiots as no one else can be a better friend than you. If anybody leaves you then you don’t waste time shedding tears, you move on…

Max - Stranger Things Games

Chief Hopper

Chief Hopper is a great muscular man with powerful punches as his ability. And, he can run faster with his ability Rush. If you think you resemble Chief Hopper then this indicates that you prefer to be the boss instead of being a mere employee. You have bigger dreams and you are working hard for them regardless of the fact what obstacles that come in your way. People might think that you are self-obsessed but that’s not true at all (we know you better than others!). You want to make your own way and bring changes that everyone else only imagines but you can make it happen!

Chief Hopper
Chief Hopper - Stranger Things Games


Lucas is a competent contender for all the enemies as he has powers like the Wrist-Rocket weapon and Cherry Bomb which destruct everything around and he doesn’t have to risk himself because these attacks can be carried out from far. Seems like you are more like Lucas! We said this because he likes to live a hassle-free life in which nobody annoys him. If you really get to have Lucas in the Stranger Things Games Kin Quiz then it’d mean that you are one of those people who believe in living every moment of life. You think life is all about excitement and fun rather than endless work and boring schedules.

Lucas - Stranger Things Games

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Your fate is now in the hands of the Stranger Things Games Trivia! Hold onto to yourself as you are about to step into a spooky but thrilling venture.