Anno 1800 Quiz – How Well Do You Play Anno 1800?

How Well Do You Play Anno 1800 Game Quiz

How good are you at playing Anno 1800 video game? Enter the Anno 1800 Quiz and it would reveal how well do you know Anno 1800 and whether you are a pro player or not!


Anno 1800 is a game that takes gamers back to the 18th Century. It’s fun to see how the world was like then in the Victorian Century. The game covers the industrial revolution where you need to be strategically forward. In the sandbox game, you must be able to work on city-building. You are bare hands and must be able to generate high income with your capabilities. This new city will only work if you would accommodate the five classes of humans namely artisans, workers, investors, engineers, and farmers for the right duties.

Once you’ll start one, the chain would initiate and the supply would begin. This way the economy would pace up. It’s all being like a businessman and thinking like one. Managing the challenges of the game, AI characters, and other climatic changes add thrill to the game. There are two modes in Anno 1800 which provide difficulty as per the choice of gamers with the sandbox mode and multiplayer mode. Don’t forget that in further levels things would move towards war as well. Make sure you are ready for naval warfare.

Anno 1800 Quiz
Anno 1800 - Ubisoft

The better you work in your city, the more tourists would be attracted to it and your business would flourish. Their views about the place, its look, people, and things are important. So, plan out things before you attempt building them. Whether you go single-player or multiplayer with your friends, you’ll enjoy being the boss of an entire city!

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Yes, Anno 1800 is the seventh sequel game in the series of Anno! You would find various styles in it as one game would take you into the Victorian age, and the other would be set in the future of 2070 or even further. Each game consists of a different essence and gameplay but the genre is the same in all. If you are thinking about what Anno game to choose then we’ll suggest that the best one is Anno 1800. So, try it out!

How Well Do You Play Anno 1800
Anno 1800 - Ubisoft


The Anno 1800 Test is ready to assist you in finding out how good are you in the game and whether you can beat all others in it or not. The way to the Anno 1800 Trivia is just below so click START and have fun!