Friday Night Funkin Quiz – Which FNF Character Are You?

FNF Characters & What Friday Funkin Character Is Your Favorite?

Hey, would you like to play a game that has been made in just 48 hours? Maybe you are underestimating the skills and experience of the group having NinjaMuffin99, Ghost Arcade, and Kawai Soul. The game was solely for donationware but it became a huge success within a few days. Remember, fun lies in simple things! We can see that you are dying to know the name…

It is none other than the very favorite “Friday Night Funkin”. Have you seen its fan following and the number of players who share their live streaming while playing it? Just imagine, Friday Night Funkin is just available for consoles and it has marked its position in the ranking charts, what would happen if becomes available on phones and tablets! Leaving all this apart, we’d like to share our story with you. So, we were on the chase to find our character in Friday Night Funkin' but guess what? We failed to find anything that could tell us. Hence, we decided to make our very own Fabulous Friday Night Funkin Quiz and has the power to ascertain which Friday Night Funkin character are you? Every Friday Night Funkin player is loving it and we are sure you would enjoy hunting which Friday Night Funkin character are you most like!


Friday Night Funkin Quiz
Friday Night Funkin Quiz

Apparently, it all seems simple but Friday Night Funkin isn’t like buttering a toast. There are two main characters namely Boyfriend and Girlfriend. The two are in love but the whole world is against them. No one is letting them date but Boyfriend is desperate to kiss her but there is only one way to do it. You would first be offered options of Easy, Medium, and Difficult. The levels are named “Weeks”, the further you’d go the harder it would get.

Between you and Girlfriend are people like her father and other family members. If your love is true then we don’t think any musical rhythm would set you both apart. Actually, every villain of the story would throw arrows (as a form of song) at you to kill you. Your task would be to save yourself from all throws of arrows. The intensity and pace of arrows would depend on the fabulous songs featured in the Friday Night Funkin game. If the arrows hit you then your game ends but if you are able to live then you’d meet your girlfriend at the end.


Before you start the game, why don’t you prepare well (so that you don’t lose)! We have played the game many times and are now aware of the best Friday Night Funkin' songs, weeks, and other things. But the most vital element is its characters. Find out which Friday Night Funkin character best fits you so you don’t have to waste time pondering over it.

Which FNF Character Are You?
Friday Night Funkin Characters


Boyfriend is the main character in the game as he does most of the work. He seems to be in the late 18s. The swag and cool attitude of Boyfriend are quite exciting for all. He doesn’t care what others feel and think. The only thing that matters is his love for Girlfriend, pizza, and donuts. Boyfriend can do anything to have her in his life may it be winning duels against past rockstars (like her father).

By his appearance, you can judge Boyfriend’s love for modernity. He has funky blue hair and wears a red showy hat. His white T-shirt has a specific sign that means “No” hence he doesn’t believe in oppression of anyone. Boyfriend holds a mic in hand with his eyebrows arched which definitely portrays “Bring it on!”

Daddy Dearest

He is the father of Girlfriend and obviously a demon. If we speculate carefully then one might feel that he’s a vampire. His lavender skin, sharp teeth, formal suit, and expensive watch depict that he’s living a good and luxurious life. However, his eyes are very dangerous as they are sparkles of red (as if fire are lit in them).

Daddy Dearest is very possessive about his daughter and won’t let any boy come near her. He was a notorious rockstar of his time and willingly accepts the challenge of a duel from Boyfriend. What if the Friday Night Funkin Kin Quiz claims that you kin DD! Would you be happy?


Girlfriend though appears to be a simple girl who sits on the speakers just to motivate her love, but that’s not all. She is not a normal human girl like us all! Girlfriend belongs to a demon family and her parents Daddy Dearest and Mommy Mearest are brutal enemies of her date Boyfriend. All they want from her is to part ways with him (which she wouldn’t do until you play well).

Her red flaunty dress, bare legs, high heels, and styled hair can attract anybody but remember that being a demon she also has many powers but she doesn’t showcase them. How can Girlfriend employ powers against her own family and friends? We believe it is worth fighting for her, after all, nobody gets true love!


Pico may be a villain in the story but he is still loved by all. Partly because of his cutely menacing attitude and for his songs (obviously). He is a red-headed boy wearing a green shirt and khaki pants. Hysterically, Pico has big eyes but no pupils (maybe to make seem a little villainous) but we still love him. Pico keeps on a vicious smile on his face and holds a gun in one hand and a mic in the other.

It is a fact shared in the game that Daddy Dearest has brought Pico to kill Boyfriend with his gun but he is more interested in a duel which doesn’t make Daddy Dearest happy.

Overall; this is a game for music and rhythm lovers. You can check what game genre you should play quiz to figure out your gaming passion.


We know that you have many questions in mind like what Friday Night Funkin week or level to choose? (some other time for this one) But for now, let’s only stick to searching your character with the Friday Night Funkin Test. Are you ready for the rhythmic battle? Then let’s begin…