Super Smash Bros Ultimate Quiz: Which character are you?

What Super Smash Bros Character are you Quiz

Nintendo has made all its gamers super happy with the Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The game had been launched in 2018 and became the bestselling game in the fighting genre as more than 15.5 million copies of Super Smash Bros Ultimate games have been sold. Want to know why is this game so cool? Well, gamers get the chance to play it in single as well as multi-player mood, and comparing to the other versions of Smash games, this one has everything that was lacking in the other ones!

The game is so awesome and we know you cannot stop playing it but with which Super Smash Bros Ultimate character do you play? And do you even have the idea which Super Smash Bros character are you? Since there are 76 characters in the game and your answer is NO! Then we have for you the ultimate quiz What Super Smash Bros Character Are You Quiz.

Fighters of the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Quiz

Which Super Smash Bros Character Are You Quiz
Super Smash Bros Ultimate Characters - Nintendo

Wait wait! Before starting the quiz, read about the characters in the game so that you answer the Nintendo Smash Bros Quiz wisely.


Everybody’s loved Pikachu is one of the most favourite characters in SSBU. This yellow Pokemon character fights with great strength in this game and with its thunders and bolts, Pikachu shocks the opponents. Moreover, Pikachu has super -fast speed and even its absorption of damage is high.

The voltage power of this character along with the new neutral aerial is a deadly combination along with Pikachu’s special moves like Down Tilt, Dash Attack, Forward Smash, Pummel, etc. Who can forget the famous ‘Pika! Pika!’ of Pikachu whenever it attacks or responds.


The all-rounder Mario is notorious for his skills and techniques in fights. Even though, he looks innocent and small but don’t go over his cute face as he can facilely defeat the enemies as veteran and beginner players can easily manage the tools and jumps of Mario.

Mario’s ground attacks include punches, kicks, up and down tilt, baseball slide, angled smashes, and the special flying kick before slamming the rivals on the ground. As Mario wins, he gives a thumbs up to the player or strikes fire from his palm to celebrate.

Donkey Kong

The playable character of Donkey Kong is actually a huge brown gorilla who amusingly wears a pink tie over his neck which has his initials ‘DK’ on it. Donkey Kong’s father and even grandfather were antagonists in the game but DK isn’t like them.

As Donkey Kong is immensely sturdy, he easily vanquishes his opponents with his famous neutral B move, giant punch, final smash, and headbutt. All of these moves can be employed with more strength but that depends upon the players’ skills. The more people around DK, the more he gets furious and so his attacking power elevates. If you can fight like Donkey Kong, then you should also love our Mortal Kombat Quiz.


Yoshi the green dinosaur wearing shoes is Mario’s best friend. This playable character always looks for players who are a bit experienced as his abilities are usually confusing to use for beginners. Yoshi even has a shield that protects him from many attacks.

Yoshi was found by Mario as an egg that hatched into a bid dinosaur and now he has his egg move in which he fires eggs over the enemies which makes them stick in the egg liquid for a short duration.


This character of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate bears the true avatar of fighters as Snake wears a teal coloured bandana and a grey metallic gear that is overloaded with weapons like guns that need explosive power and a vest that aids him to absorb attacks. Moreover, Snake has a muscular body and his arm fights are quite interesting, but comparatively, his speed is slower than others. The skills like planting remote mines, cipher move, and codec conversations make him iconic.

Toon Link

Toon Link wears a green tunic along with a green hat. The greatest strength of Link is his Master Sword with which he attacks but the opponent must be in close range for that. On the other hand, the protective shield and fast boomerang of Link compensate him for his slow speed. He has the B-Down move which allows him to attack with bombs, if the throw is strong then the bomb explodes but if it is thrown lightly then nothing happens.

Link’s Triforce Slash is known as his final smash. Players need to be extremely cautious while dealing with Link as you would have the missiles and sword but if you need to run from multiple enemies then your game might get over!


Wolf is a strong and influential character in the SSBU. His grey hair, iconic purple jacket, frightening eye patch, razor-sharp claws, and weapons make him look more powerful and the opponents fear to fight.

Not only the blaster shoots and diagonal Wolf flash similar to meteor smash are killing, but the aerial jumps and dash attacks by Wolf are also threatening and don’t forget the claw attack that can easily tear the rivals into pieces.


Daisy or we should say Princess Daisy is also a playable character in SSBU. She is beautiful and wears a gold crown and a lovely bright yellow gown with accessories that look like daisy flowers. Prominent powers of Daisy include the aerial floating as she smashes her opponent while landing back.

She also has some funny but effective weapons like a frying pan, baseball bat, tennis racket, and golf club. The damage of these weapons depends upon the skills of the players and if they select them at the right time and with strong force then they would definitely win. The female characters like Peach and Daisy are ideal for dating and if you wish to know which Super Smash Bros character would you date, then take the quiz.


So are you curious to find out which character are you in SSBU then hit the start button of Who Is Your Super Smash Bros Main Quiz.