Halo Quiz – Which Halo Character Are You?

What Halo Character Am I Quiz

There's always a game that gets stuck in my mind forever. Do you want to know which game has been the one we are always ready to play? It's "Halo"! The six outstanding Halo games involve an epic series of events that revolve around millions of years. Are you capable enough to stand in front of the zealous intergalactic forces who are ready to blow out Earth? If you think you can easily take down the enemies, then consider your chances of life and step into the Halo Quiz to reveal which Halo character are you?

But before we start, let's look into the gameplay of Halo. Look into the reasons why we all are in love with this fantastic game. But if you want to go straight forward, just click start button to take the Halo quiz now!


Everything started years ago (almost 15 million years). The Precursors were sole power of the Halo universe. There wasn't anyone to challenge their powers in running the universe. However, they wanted to have someone to share their responsibilities, and so the creation of two species, "The Forerunners" and "Humans" took place. Things were harmonious until Humans weren't given the power to rule. After that, The Precursors were in a rage to take the control which belonged to them.

The fight was on and the Precursors were against Humans and the Forerunners. The combat was solid and impulsive. The Forerunners weren't able to succeed and turned into dust (to remerge at some reasonable time). However, the fight between humans and Forerunners wasn't settling, and Humans had to exile to a single planet instead of ruling the whole universe. There humans (we) are living, but the Forerunners are again hoping to finish them and the reason behind this sudden stance lies in the progression on Earth. The Forerunners believe that if the humans wouldn't be stopped now, then they would dominate the galaxy again.

Now, the things are in your hand, so hurry up and click the Halo Kin Quiz to check which Halo character do you kin? It is necessary because you must know whose side are you on.

Which Halo Character Are You?
Halo Characters - Xbox


There are different characters in the game and there are questions like "Which order to play Halo?" but honestly, everything depends on which Halo character are you most like? But But But, why don't you get closer to the best-rated characters in Halo games before entering the quiz.

Avery Johnson

Let's call him by his rank "Sergeant Major Avery Junior Johnson"! He belongs to Earth and is notorious for his extraordinary skills in weapons and arms like M99 Stanchion Gauss Rifle, MA5 Series, S2-AM Sniper Rifle, Galilean Nonlinear Rifle, and others. He believes that power resides in hearts rather than in hands. This is the reason why he emphasizes on boosting his army before the battles and enchanting them with his winning confidence. His confidence is as strong as Destiny 2's Guardians.

He is not that typical type of army man as his humor and zestfulness keep the game alive. Remember nicknames that he attaches with his foes and friends. Don't consider it a bad thing (it's all for fun!); he really respects all who fight for freedom though they are aliens or SPARTAN.

John 117

Which soldier can be more dashing and influential than John 117? His Mjolnir armor is one thing that completes his "Master Chief" look. He is a loyal SPARTAN who is always ready to sacrifice his life for the sake of humanity. John 117 is a hero to humans and has fought many wars like Battle of Sigma Octanus IV, Battle of Installation 05, Battle of Meridian, Harvest Campaign, etc.

His sense of humor is quite dull but his sense of responsibility and knowledge about war tactics is known to all. John 117 is definitely a loved character in the game because of his skills and appearance and because of his attitude. He is never bossy or aggressive toward any of the soldiers under him. Instead, John 117 cares for them and makes sure they aren't under any kind of pressure. People say that it's his luck that supports him as he never loses in any fight, though it was with the Covenant, the parasite flood, or the Halo. Well, what can we say? Maybe or maybe not!

Rtas' Vadum

Rtas is an alien from Sanghelios (a State of Vadam). He may be an alien but he does have a soft corner for humans. Initially, Rtas was against humans and wanted the world for his species. But, he changed with time and was more in favor of the humans and didn't want to hurt them for his (or his species' benefits). Rtas even worked by the side of humans like Aver Johnson and others and was eager to end the chaos from every land.

He does extremely well if he holds weapons like Prophets' Bane, Plasma Rifle, Covenant Carbine, and Energy Sword. However, Rtas possesses his personal equipment as well, like Active camouflage, Sangheili Personal Energy Shield, Integrated Armor Flashlight, etc. Rtas can even drive vehicles so we can state that he is an all-in-one package. Are you ready to roll into Halo Trivia? Let's see who are you more like!


If you are looking for a veteran shooter then Linda is a perfect choice. She belongs to Verent but stands against all the evils. She has fought many dangerous wars gallantly. Linda can be seen combating with her SRS 99-S5 Sniper Rifle in Battle of Earth, Battle of Sigma Octanus IV, Operation: First Strike, Battle of Jericho VII, and Fall of Reach.

Don't ever think that Linda is a female so she might give the enemies lose spots. She is considered that Linda is an exceptional trained SPARTAN-II. Apart from all her qualities, Linda stays quiet most of the time as she has lived her life that way. She never lets anyone get close to her as she is feared of being around too many people. However, she is a perfect associate to work with.


The Halo Test is what you need to find out more about your character in the Halo game.