New World Quiz – Which New World Faction to Join?

New World Factions – Which New World Faction Should I Choose?

How does it feel when you step into the “New World” game? All the gothic and horror settings of the game have attracted most of the gamers, while the story is something extraordinary. The Mid-seventeenth century settings elevate the status of the New World. Although it was released at the end of 2021, it soon rose on the most-favorite games chart. Ever since then, everybody has been asking which New World Faction are you? Initially, we had no answer, but now we have the New World Faction Quiz! Hurry up and get to know about your faction in the New World game.

Umm, how could we move to the New World Faction Trivia until we fall deeper into the characters and story of New World! Get ready to roll into the dose of fun with this New World Faction Quiz…


Everything starts off when you find yourself washed off to an island called Aeternum in the New World. You have nothing in hand and being able to live on a mysterious island is something that you need to be brave for. The player soon gets to know that they can become a tremendous power with the help of an aspiring rock called “Azoth.” Its strengths are limitless; if a positive person uses it for a good cause, then it brightens up to fresh blue color and makes the person mightier and more charismatic. However, if someone hostile and vicious goes near it, then it turns blood-red and makes the person cruel and insane (giving adverse effects).

To reach the Aeternum, you have to prepare yourself first. Make sure you craft the best weapons, keep your health status full, learn new skills, etc. It is because you would have to go one on one with many monsters like “Corrupted” (the ones who are negatively affected by the Azoth). Don’t forget the “Angry Earths,” brutal creatures made of stone, branches, and leaves (they are formidable beings)! These hurdles between you and the Azoth can only be removed by strategies and skills. Most of all, it depends on which New World Faction are you most like? Find this out with the New World Faction Test.

Which New World Faction to Join
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There are only three factions from which you need to pick one. Each one is different from the other and gamers usually wish to try all three of them like in the Sea of Thieves. However, make sure that you make the right choice because once you pick a faction, then you would have to play with the same one for the next 120 days (4 months). Your powers are mainly dependent on the question, “Which New World Faction do you kin?” Let’s find out which one is perfect for your gaming style.


Sometimes the right way is not always the correct way. Hahaha, didn’t you get it? We’ll explain! Syndicate is the faction that has people who are ready to go against the rules and the established order to bring about the New World. They are rebellious and have their own twisted ways of establishing a utopia. Since the gamers get to be a warrior without any chains of righteousness and extreme tasks, so majority picks the Syndicate faction.

Moreover, their strife for knowledge is something worth praising. They believe in the enlightenment brought through learning about the whole world. This is why you would often receive the tasks that involve intelligence matters, and you would have to obtain confidential information for the clan. It’s all about staying under the camouflage and keeping eyes all around the place. If you wish to find a Syndicate, then look for blue, purple, or white characters. As time passes, your ranks can be advanced in the following order:

  • Adepts (new players/Tier 1)
  • Scrivener (Tier II)
  • Chronicler (Tier III)
  • Cabalist (Tier IV)
  • Alchemists (Tier V)


The Covenants are self-proclaimed warriors who have taken up the challenge of bringing peace and harmony in the New World by eradicating every sort of negativity and rebels. Their primary focus is on religious prospects. They believe that only the spiritually cleansed heart must live on this land; otherwise, Azoth would never show its actual virtues. You can think that as a Covenant, you get to be the hero, the one whose moral foundations lay on the right path (in accordance with the religion). Your tasks would include finishing anyone who hinders your prospects.

You can track the Covenants under orange, golden, and yellow colors. Uh, don’t forget that they think that they are the “Chosen ones!” If you become one of them, then don’t dare to go astray. As a Covenant, you can earn the following ranks:

  • Initiate (Tier 1)
  • Templar (Tier II)
  • Excubitor (Tier III)
  • Lumen (Tier IV)
  • Adjudicator (Second-highest rank at Tier 5)
  • Inquisitor (Highest rank at Tier 5)


Well, you can say that Marauders are foul and stern in their behavior. The difference between Marauders and Syndicates is that Syndicates always work for the betterment of all. On the contrary, the Marauders are never obliged to do it and are mostly doing things for their personal interest. We can perceive that they believe in the survival of the fittest (obviously, because they are pretty good at fighting). The faction of Marauders is similar to the army that has strength and power but only employs it for personal benefits.

Marauders are free and never think before attempting anything. They have no morals or ethics of fights; they just play to have fun in the game rather than fulfilling any kind of responsibilities. It is because they have no goal. They only are there to live, enjoy, and explore. The following ranks are a part of the Marauders military:

  • Soldier (Tier 1)
  • Gladiator (Tier II)
  • Ravager (Tier III)
  • Destroyer (Tier IV)
  • Commander (Tier V)
  • Legatus (Highest rank in Tier V)


Don’t just watch, take some action! Just click on the New World Faction Kin Quiz to unveil the most significant truth of your life.