Rimworld Quiz – Which Rimworld AI Character Are You?

Which Rimworld AI Storyteller Are You Quiz

It is always fun to control and take matters into our hands. Though this isn’t always possible but do you think anything is beyond our control in the 21st Century? There are many games that can really make you feel like a powerful lord. Have you played Rimworld? Take the Best Rimworld Quiz and find out which Rimworld Storyteller are you most like? There is no other quiz more accurate than the Rimworld Trivia as it is a special 2022 update. Are you ready to step in?


In the simplest words, Rimworld is an undemanding and straight game that challenges the players to the very core. But, that’s not all because you have a colony in your hands and you’d have to pick a storyteller when you enter the game. While you will take actions for building a prosperous, socialized, and progressing colony the storyteller would keep lurking in with his/her interesting twists. They might get the colony attacked by a monster, wild animals, or anything. The storyteller can change the circumstances in the blink of an eye and anything can happen.

Rimworld Quiz
Rimworld - Ludeon Studios

The fame of the game lies in the fact that it is never monotonous and every time you play, it gives off a new experience. However, don’t think that the storyteller would always do badly for you. It can even get some fun for you; however, it all depends on the way you communicate with him/her. Yes, you can have conversations with your AI storyteller and it would make the decision based on that. Though gamers are initially seen disturbed by the 2D view which doesn’t offer the best graphics but still, you will fall in love with the game because it challenges you to win and survive in the most difficult circumstances.


Isn’t it obvious, explicitly, that everything is in the hand of the storyteller, this is why figuring out what Rimworld Storyteller to choose is important. Only our Rimworld Personality Quiz can furnish you with the answer to this question. So, don’t wait and CLICK to enter the quiz.


If you are still unaware of the most influential threats posed by storytellers then read about them below.

Wild Animals: Single or a group of animals can kill colonists and cause chaos.

Climate: From extreme cold, hot, sunny, windy, or even thunderstorms all harm the infrastructure and health of colonists.

Diseases: Various diseases can affect the health of colonists and kill or spawn serious damage to their health and the construction of the colony.

Damaged Capsules: They can crash into your site from the space ruining the walls and architecture and can be quite helpful but beware to save colonists from it.


There are AI storytellers in the Rimworld but do you know which are the 3 Rimworld Storytellers? If not then check the list below:

Which Rimworld Character Are You?
Rimworld AI Storytellers - Ludeon Studios

Cassandra Classic

Don’t even think that the brunette girl would play easily on you. She isn’t easy on her prey because she might send consecutive threats that are hard to handle. At first, you might think that Cassandra is nice as she doesn’t impel threats immediately and lets you build the colony. After you are satisfied and at least more than halfway done with the work then she begins the game.

Cassandra wouldn’t stop until five days of non-stop destruction she’d let you have some peace (though not for long!). Just as you’ll think it was enough, Cassandra would again send threats toward you. She would keep changing the story like you can’t even think. She can make you have nightmares but that’s what having Cassandra as a storyteller is all about!

Randy Random

Randy is pretty awesome when it comes to being a storyteller because he can stir up an interesting storyline just out of nothing. His rowdy face with a half-grown beard, smiley face on half of his head, funky hair color, Heterochromia, and the cigarette in his mouth can help to give you some idea of his “randomness”.

Look, while dealing with Randy keep in mind that his mood can change everything! Randy can make things very difficult by sending disease to your colony every day or every hour. But, if he wishes then he can send such threats that would really affect you and you’d be able to handle them very easily. Randy’s powers and mind can’t be underestimated.

Phoebe Chillax

Chillax! If you don’t wish to play hard then the best storyteller in the Rimworld is Phoebe for you. She is more relaxed and easygoing with the players. She can send threats but until then, you would be able to not only construct your colony but apply some measures that can save it from attacks. Hence it is facile for you to construct instead of worrying about the loss.

Even Phoebe’s name portrays that the players can consider her when they are willing to go for the harder levels. She will definitely send calamities related to the environment, disease, wild animals, drones, etc because she is, after all, a storyteller and creating interesting turns in a story is her job but she has a soft heart and won’t push things much for you. Can’t you feel this when you look at her innocent geeky appearance?

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Tracking which Rimworld storyteller you kin can bring great benefits to you. After all, when you’d know which one is better for you only then you would play in the best way. The storyteller who can bond with you would do the best in your interest and probably would play slow on you.


Telling stories isn’t easy but you know what is more difficult? Picking the right Rimworld storyteller for you! It took everything to create the Best Rimworld Quiz so you can relax and uncover what Rimworld Storyteller are you and concentrate on the game.