The Last of Us Quiz – Which The Last of Us 2 Character Are You?

Last of Us 2 Characters & The Last of Us Personality Test

Games become more exciting when you need to act like a hero and the whole world is depending on your actions. Not only do you need to fight but plans, strategies, intelligence, and tactics play a vital role in levels and wins. Have you tried any of these types of games yet? Well, one of them is our personal favorite and we are quite sure that you must have played it or at least heard its name. Hahaha, are you desperate to know the name? It’s the world famous game “The Last of Us”!

Have your tried playing it? Do you know the story of The Last of Us? If you wouldn’t try this game then you would definitely regret it…


It is true that The Last of Us game has gripped all the players with its action-adventure and the survival horror genre. Including this, The Last Of Us characters and its plot is also engrossing. It’s a challenge for the gamer to save humanity from the plague pandemic that is devouring lives mercilessly. Taking the players into the year 2023, The Last of Us gamers gain consciousness in a place where less than half of the world population has survived and are still at risk of death.

The Cordyceps fungi has taken over the world and the ones who have survived in this war against death are in search of a cure. You, on the other hand, are brave and courageous who are ready to come face to face with death to deliver a girl named Ellie to the resistance group “The Fireflies”. In return, they have committed to give the cure. Do you think you would be able to complete the task? Which The Last Of Us character are you?

Which The Last of Us 2 Character Are You?
The Last of Us 2 Characters - Naughty Dog


In the three amazing additions of The Last Of Us games, each character is fearless and resilient. Sometimes, we do wish to see the Last Of Us 2 characters in real life! (HBO is about to bring a surprise for all) Who knows if you turn out to be like the Last Of Us 2 characters in The Last of Us Quiz. Just answer the simple questions in this personality test can get to know your character in The Last of Us game…

Joel Miller

Joey isn’t one of those heroes who are young, enthusiastic, and jolly but he is in his mid-40s and 50s. He isn’t that attractive with his grey hair, marks, and scars on the face which depict his past. Anyhow, Joel is athletic and determined. Some of us really do not know whether to claim him selfish as he is willing to sacrifice Ellie for all or consider this as a heroic act.

Losing his daughter Sarah has made Joel heartless but the bond that he creates with Ellie while taking her to the location shows that he is that bad after all and cares about the little. This is how we get to see some of his amazing skills like killing hand-to-hand combating, chokeholds, crafting of tools and weapons, use of specialized weapons like guns and pistols, and he can survive in the worst situations easily. One more thing, he is a skilled guitarist as well. If you enjoyed Joel's adventures, you should also have a look at our Dead by Daylight Quiz to find out your DBD character.


Tess can be claimed as the “Smuggling-partner” of Joel and both smuggled to make the living. She is one brave and fearless lady who had a mentality different from many. She isn’t an easy target and it was almost impossible to kill her but fate tested her and she was bitten by an infected person and died.

One thing that must be noticed here is that Tess was selfless and tried every way she could to save the world from the plague. When she fell for the little angel Ellie, then Tess tried her best to save her as well and made many enemies for this.


Thinking why is everybody after Ellie? The reason lies in her natural god-gifted powers. She is one of those people who were bitten by an infected person. Usually, the people who are bitten die within a few days but nothing happed to Ellie and this is why the world health engineers need her for experimentation. This isn’t her will and Joel is given the job to bring her!

Ellie is an angelic teenager with petite features and signature auburn hair. She wears decent teen clothes like hoodie jackets, trousers, and T-shirts. If we ask why is everyone interested in her, then the answer is simple! She is driven by her will and doesn’t appreciate anyone in them. Ellie is moody and hyperactive like most teens. But, she can use weapons like bows, swords, guns, and explosives with perfection and can plan some amazing traps as well. As a playable character, Ellie saves Joel with her survival skills and weaponry but cannot fight well physically.


Marlene holds a central part in the story as she is the one who has tasked Joel to bring Ellie to her without bringing this under the eyes of many. Moreover, she is also the leader of the Fireflies which makes us think that she is an antagonist but here comes the twist! Marlene was also a friend of Ellie’s mother and promised to protect her daughter from every kind of threat. Do you think she is ditching her dead friend or saving Ellie? We won’t spoil it, play the game to find this out…

Being a commander of an organization, Marlene is portrayed as a sharp and intelligent lady who knows how to make things go in her way and her organization has overthrown even the most powerful government organizations.


The Last of Us Quiz is all set to examine your personality with some interesting questions but are you ready for The Last of Us Personality Test?