The Ultimate Final Fantasy Quiz

FFXIV Quiz: How well do you know Final Fantasy?

Do you also play Final Fantasy XIV? Of course, we know you must be its fan as well since there are around 22 million people around the globe who excite their nerves with this MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) by Square Enix. However, we’re sorry for the gamers who have Xbox because the FFXIV game isn’t available to them. Since its release in 2013, the game has won the hearts of gamers since it has fictional settings and battles to fight that not every player can manage to win!

Even our Final Fantasy XIV Trivia Quiz isn’t easy and only the true and best player of the game would be able to score high! So are you ready to test your knowledge about the game with the Final Fantasy Test??? Seems like you aren’t sure about your skills. What to do now? We have an idea! Get to know all about the Final Fantasy XIV game before you START the Final Fantasy Quiz…

Story Behind Final Fantasy XIV Game

Well, like other MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV story isn’t being continued from the last game. Though there are a few things and characters that are adopted from the last one but this game has nothing to do with the last one! The cinematic experience of the game is something worth praising. In FFXIV, you (obviously not you personally, your character!) are the hero and the story revolves around how you step into the things. So, we will help you to decide which Final Fantasy should you play.

Everything takes place in Eorzea which is a beautiful and equally dangerous land. As in the throwback, a vicious and cruel evil dragon “Bahamut” fled off the lunar prison. As a consequence, it enraged devastation that wasn’t expected, known as the “Seventh Umbral Calamity”. Most of the Eorzea land was destructed and you managed to escape. Now, after all, five years the things are getting better again in the place BUT! The land is again on the verge of getting ruined by the Garlean Empire who wants to take over Eorzea!!!


Which FFXIV Class and Character Are You
Final Fantasy XIV - Square Enix

It is obvious that you can name your character whatever you like but let’s trace the best characters in the Final Fantasy XIV game to check out which Final Fantasy XIV character are you???

Minfilia Warde

Minifilia is the blondy with attitude and courage. Her green eyes depict her strength and determination as she is the leader of Scions of the Seventh Dawn and sacrificed herself for all. However, this wasn’t her end and she assists the player on the journey and quests.

Her skills of leadership are something worth noticing because, after all the destruction, Minfilia was desperate to make everything normal and to protect the people from every threat no matter what it takes. Let's decide Which Final Fantasy class should you play? with this FFXIV Quiz.

Y'shtola Rhul

Y’shtola is a blend of cat and human. She has white hair thick like cats but the body of a human while she drapes black and grey robes since she is now into black arts. Her new avatar is also acknowledged as “Cultured Conjurer”. Y’shtola is cunning and clever like cats and smart like humans.

She belongs to the race “Seeker of the Sun Miqo’te”, while her weapons include Nightseeker, Truthseeker, and Budding Maple Wand. Each one is better than the other.

G'raha Tia

We bet that you can’t beat G’raha Tia in history! He is an intelligent marksman who would greet you in the Crystal Line quest. He usually does not speak clear words and prefers to use riddles and talks in an indirect manner. Tia is eager to save the world from destruction and his knowledge helps the players a lot.

On other hand, his skills of combating are also incredible so do not dare to mistake him as a geek and bookworm because he can easily knock you down. This is why he is known as “All Rounder” in the game. If you are looking another open world game with all rounder capabilities, don't forget to check our Zelda BOTW Quiz too.

Urianger Augurelt

Unlike the previous games, Urianger’s character has been completely transformed in the FFXIV as he is now an “astrologer”. With this, his appearance has also been changed and now he wears black robes and jewelry that are made of gems and have stars and other signs of astrology.

The best thing about Urianger’s character is that he initially played the role of a traitor, but in actual, he was a double agent and was loyal to Scion and other teammates. His weapons include Grimoire and Atlas Star Globe. Moreover, he loves poetry and often converses in poetic lines.

Alphinaud Leveilleur

The famous twin of Alisaie Leveilleur, Alphinaud belongs to Elezen race. He is just a 16 years-old boy but his courage and wisdom are no less than others. Alphinaud’s platinum white hair along with his dark blue attire makes him look more like a handsome prince. His weapon Aelphoi is the one of which all his enemies are feared.

His forefathers were the ones who made Eorzea and made sacrifices to save it from the apocalypse but couldn’t succeed. Now, Alphinaud along with others is desperate to avenge the bloodshed of his family and has taken swear to defend his land. Did you decide which FFXIV class are you?

Papalymo Totolymo

He may look like a small and naïve kid, but Totolymo is 42 years old and a member of Scions of the Seventh Dawn. Yes, you’re right! He is so adorable while the monocle that he wears makes him look irresistible. Beware when you are with Totolymo because he is a freak about mannerisms. It’s hard for him to stay among the people who disregard manners.

 Though he becomes ruthless at times but isn’t a bad person. Instead, he cares about everyone, the only problem is that he isn’t expressive.


If you wish to find out which Final Fantasy character are you? Then there is only one way! The Final Fantasy XIV Online Quiz. Hurry up and let all know which gallant hero in FFXIV are you???