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Street Fighter Quiz – Find your Fighter character now!

Street Fighter video game has always attracted gamers of every age group and since 1987 it has been a source of thrill, adventure, and entertainment. The people who are die-hard fans of Street Fighter know why this game is so special and everyone has played it at least once, but for the game lovers who are new to Street Fighter game, let us guide you…

So newbies! The game Street Fighter has several characters and each character has various moves that the players use for fighting. Moreover, you can easily change your positions and enjoy maneuvers with moves like jump, stand, bend, or crouch with the help of buttons on the controller. The player is also given different options during the fights which contain special moves.

We can feel that the newbies and pro players are excited to play but do you know which Street Fighter character are you? No! Then how would you play and win? Don’t worry! Our Street Fighter Character Quiz would help you to find out!

What Character Would You Be in Street Fighter Game

Which Street Fighter character are you quiz
Street Fighter - Capcom

There is a good news Street Fighter fans! Street Fighter 6 would be released in 2021 but before you play it you must know which Street Fighter 6 character are you?


This is a true fact that every Street Fighter player regards Akuma as the best character because of his freaking awesome powers. His flaming red hair, sharp pointed teeth, tanned skin, and dark eyes make him the greatest villain in the game. Just like his appearance, Akuma is dark from the inside as he is merciless and hardly ever thinks of humanity while regarding himself as ‘Denizen of Hell’.

It isn’t easy to defeat this villain as he is a master of ‘Shotokan art’ (some martial art form). Akuma is more confident when it comes to attacking the opponents and equally knows how to defend himself. His special attacks like Zanku Hadoken and Hyakkishu make him a supreme fighter but his stamina isn’t very high and can’t fight for very long if the opponent stands longer and gives him a tough fight.

M. Bison

Bison has been portrayed as a dictator and antagonist in the game. Even a single look at him would tell you that he is linked to the military as he wears a red military uniform with guards, silver plates, and most of all the service cap which indicates that he belongs to Shadaloo and is the leader of the group.

The reasons why M. Bison is being regarded as a strong fighter are his Psycho/hypnosis powers and special moves like Hell Attack, Knee Press Nightmare, Evil Stomp, etc. While on the other hand, his psycho powers have greater attacks like Psycho Crusher along with Torpedo Spin that causes him to levitate and kick, Devil Reverse, Psycho Shot that is the ability to teleport, Psycho Inferno, Psycho Blast, and others that make him invincible.


Ibuki is a young girl in the game who is a Japanese ninja and a champion in ninjutsu martial art. This playable character in Street Fighter might look dainty and powerless but don’t make any mistakes because she can easily defeat anyone with her moveset like Neck Breaker, Kunai, Kasumi Gake, Kazagiri, and others.

You can facilely identify Ibuki with her long ponytails. However, she doesn’t have the traditional ninja outfit and so we might say that this character prefers to be a ‘stylish killer’ while her aggressive nature and speed aid in her multi-hitting attacks. If you do not know which female Street Fighter character are you? Then try our quiz.


By looking at Ryu, you might feel that he is a ‘muscle machine’. Well, to some extent you are right! He desires to be the strongest one in the world and for this he always makes effort and the most amazing thing about Ryu is that he is sympathetic, modest, and dutiful.

His karate suit and black belt portray why every player wants to play with his character. Ryu’s unique fighting style is known as ‘Shotokan’. His attacking speed isn’t very high because his moveset like Hadoken, Shoryuken, Tatsumaki, Mind’s Eye, Thrust Strike, and others are the perfect combinations of kicks, punches, and jumps. Ryu’s skills have made him part of every Street Fighter game so are you ready to find out which Street Fighter V character are you?

Cammy White

Cammy White aka ‘Killer Bee’ is a dangerous girl to fight with as she works under M. Bison as a member of the Shadaloo group. Not only is she a skilled fighter but quite attractive and beautiful with her blonde hair, blue eyes, and green attire.

Cammy is more quick and flexible in fights because of her below average height. She efficiently fights in close-range with her moveset Spiral Arrow, Cannon Spike, Hooligan Combination, Killer Scythe Kick, etc. Whenever she gets into trouble during the fights she knows how to break the locks and defend herself. Since you are thinking about dating one of the Street Fighter game girls then answer the quiz to find out which Street Fighter character would you date?


Alex the giant Street Fighter is no doubt a tough guy and if he is your opponent then you must be careful. Alex’s tall, muscular, and sturdy body is his greatest weapon. He is depicted as a bold character who never backs off and is fearless in the fights. His attacking moves Flash Chop, Power Bomb, Air Stampede, Head Crush, and Spiral DDT are considered most dangerous.

Moreover, his wrestling throws, brawling, kicks, aerial attacks, and other maneuvers are enough to kill his rivals. Alex is a playable character in many Street Fighter games so find yourself lucky if you get to play with him.

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So gamers! Now you know about the best characters in Street Fighter video game then why don’t you answer the Street Fighter Character Quiz and share the results with all!