God of War Quiz – Which GOW God Are You?

GOW Quiz – Which God of War Are You?

The Greek mythology may or may not be true and a little boring to read BUT the game “God of War” is absolutely fantastic. No one can beat the surprises that the story offers at the end of every mission. No one can guess what is waiting behind as the war for the throne, power, lust, and vengeance becomes unavoidable. However, it’s definitely good news for us all because we get to show off more of our skills. Wait a minute! Aren’t you forgetting something before playing the game? You must answer the God of War Quiz because it is very important to reveal which God of War character are you? After all, this would let you know what God are you in the God of War game and what are your powers!


God of War Quiz
God of War - Sony

It is better if you take the God of War Trivia and then enter the war zone. You must decide on which side are you because knowing who stands behind you (as a family and friend) is vital. Only your power and your allies’ strength can save you from the conspiracies awaiting in the game. Hence, answering the God of War Kin Quiz is the foremost important thing.


When we asked the players why they are so invested in the God of War then their answer was simple and straight. The best thing about the God of War game is its story and the extraordinary characters. On one hand, there is no end to the strength of the characters and on the other hand, their enemies are ready to kill them. However, your killer can be anyone, even your son or your own confidant. It all initiates when Zeus believes in the prophecy that one of his sons would kill him and he began feeling lonely in the land of Sparta. Hence, his children Athena and Ares give this job to Kratos and he kills the main suspect Deimos.

Even after years passed, the consequences of this one death never halted and Ares made Kratos his ally and offers him tasks of killing people so that he could reign. After the bloodshed of thousands of innocents, Kratos wanted to stop but Ares but he became unstoppable and the war with the “God of War” was initiated! However, we think that it's gameplay is quite similar to Horizon Series.


Which GOW God Are You?
God of War Gods - Sony

Do you know the best God of War characters? If not then scroll down to know more about them and their amazing powers. Who knows if the following information would turn you into a pro player!


Undoubtedly, Kratos is one of the strongest and most powerful characters you’d find in the game. When you’d play, your brain would ask what God of War character to choose? You’d be lucky if you select Kratos because he is too good! Some people indeed consider him reckless and barbaric because of his massive killings, but what do you expect in a war, flowers?

Kratos has mind-blowing powers like Divine Energy Manipulation, Underwater Breathing, Petrification, Chronokinesis, Cryokinesis, Atmokinesis, Aerokinesis, and whatnot! The best ability of Kratos is that he can absorb the power of his opponents and employ it against them. Plus, with the weapons like Guardian Shield and Leviathan Axe who do you think can bring you down? Don’t dare to fight him because he is the son of demigod Zeus and became the “God of War.”


Who would want to fight with Athena when they know that she is even feared by the gods themselves? Her powers are endless as her blue blood has granted her Object Possession, Power Conjuration, Wisdom, Shape-shifting, Telekinesis, and Immortality. Her father Zeus has loved her more than anything and Spartans know they should never mess with her.

Athena has been a friendly ally to Kratos because she believes that only Kratos can kill Ares and other cruel gods. Eventually, when the world would be saved from such rulers, peace would be liberated and that is her sole wish.


Don’t consider this (Mimir) old, frail, one-eyed man useless. He is the one whom Kratos called “Head” and took him along on his journey. Look, every person can fight, especially in the realm of Sparta but not everyone can think wisely and provide you knowledge that can make battles easier. In the game, Mimir does this job! He knows everything about Norse mythology which means he has valuable information about the abilities and weaknesses of all the gods and deities.

Mimir is said to be immortal because he has been living for hundreds of years and is still alive. He can live through the hardest circumstances. Moreover, his Magic Eyes can travel between the nine realms which then again is very beneficial for the players. Though Mimir possesses all these qualities but unfortunately he only has a head and his body was trapped in a tree (as a punishment) by Odin.


Freya is also named “Witch of the Woods” because of her mysterious living in the jungle. She is a beautiful and elegant lady who lives in a small hut in the woods with her son Baldur. Initially, nothing was disclosed regarding her except that she was an expert on Vanir Magic and a kind-hearted person. She has many secrets buried in her heart and has always sacrificed herself to save others. She married Odin to save her people but this never happened, instead, Freya was banished to Midgard with her son.

She’s extremely gentle to people unless they become a threat to anyone, especially Baldur. Freya is immensely powerful as a master of Seiðr magic and spells like Cloaking Spell, Legion Summon, Divination, Shape-shifting, Realm Travel, etc. However, her only weakness is her obsession with people.


If answering this question would have been that easy then trust us, we wouldn’t have made the God of War Test! Now it depends on your luck and personality that which God of War character are you most like? All the best…