Going Medieval Quiz – How Well Do You Know Going Medieval?

How Well Do You Know Going Medieval Quiz

Nobody would deny the fun and excitement of playing Going Medieval. But have you tried the most popular quiz of this week, the “Going Medieval Quiz?” It is the way to make you famous as the Guru of Going Medieval game because it would reveal how well you know Going Medieval!

Going Medieval Quiz
Going Medieval - The Irregular Corporation


The game Going Medieval tests your planning and strategizing. When you enter the game, everything is barren and people have hopelessness in their eyes. The reason behind this is the fact that they have been through a plague that has killed over 95% of the population. You now have set foot in England and it’s the Medieval 14th Century. Everything has been devastated but your passion and determination are still alive and so are you. Hence the game shapes itself as a sims colony which you need to build, create, and run! Your stages would keep on increasing and not only do you have to settle alone, but your mission is to make the barren land turn into a stone castle and further an empire that would be run by you. Do you think your stone and wood fortress would be in peace once you build it? No, you are wrong on this one!


There’s no single villain in the game of Going Medieval but you have to fight more than that. There are wild animals, natural disasters, and looters from whom you have to save your place and others whether you have a small place or a whole fort.


Do you think you can make everything on your own? Nope! Of course, nobody can make all this alone. You have Settlers in the game which would do everything you’d command. All of them have various skills in them but they won’t tell you at first. You must assign them various tasks and while they would do them, they would keep getting stars for the things they do best. So, that would be helpful for you to understand it and you can further give them the work they are good at. There are thirteen different skills for Settlers which also includes culinary, construction, intellect, speech, etc. All in all, the things and situations in Going Medieval seem very real and especially when you have 2D terrain tools to work with.

How Well Do You Know Going Medieval
Going Medieval - The Irregular Corporation

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We wouldn’t say it is impossible but you need to keep close on your Settlers because if they get cranky or die then how would you manage all the things. There are a few things that are necessary for Settlers and you as their leader, you need to make sure they get all of these.

Religious Activities: This is one of the reasons why we claimed that Going Medieval portrays reality. The Settlers have to go for their religious duties and they have a choice between two gods. They can pray to any one for internal peace.

Food: This is pretty important! Make sure all the Settlers get a proper diet which must include meat, vegetables, and fruits. This way, they would be healthy and would work and fight in the best way. If the player is unable to provide them with food then Settlers might die of hunger or be killed between fights because they won’t be powerful enough to stand. It’s directly proportional to health.

Entertainment Activities: Dance, music, social gatherings, and parties are all part of a Settler’s life. They won’t maintain a good or balanced mood if you would just push them to work so make sure you plan such things as well.

Sleep: Proper sleep is mandatory for all the Settlers or else they won’t help out in anything, they’d sleep work slowly, or would make mistakes.

Alcohol Requirement: This depends on the Settler if they want alcohol or not. Some of them would ask for it desperately and wouldn’t do anything until they get it. In another case, some of the Settlers wouldn’t even touch it.


Yes of course! You get to select your level from the given three options which are:

Survival: This is the most difficult mode in the game. The raids of looters are very frequent and because of this, challenges for you would increase.

Peaceful: This mode is for those who are not eager to fight because if you would enter this mode then things would go smooth. You won’t have to fight anyone, it’s just that you need to tackle certain conditional problems like weather, moods of Settlers, circumstances, etc.

Standard: This one is a mix and match of both the above ones. On one hand, you need to save and defend your territory while on the other hand, you have to build an empire. Most of the time, people opt for the Standard mode.


Luckily, you can decide where you get to have your empire. If you are thinking about what Going Medieval settlement location to choose then have a look below!

Mountain: Mountains are a pretty good option if you are looking for minerals and metals but here you’d find vegetation issues.

Valley: Though you can’t find minerals in the valley but at least you’d be free from the tension of food and climate.

Hillside: This is an appropriate approach because you would have moderate vegetation while minerals and metals would be near you. Plus, you would have an ideal position during combat as well.


We hope that you are ready for the Going Medieval Test because soon everyone is going to find out how much do you know about Going Medieval?