Tekken Quiz – Which Tekken Character Are You?

What Tekken Character Am I? & Tekken Character Quiz

Hey fighter, how much do you enjoy the Tekken game? Of course, your excitement with the name of Tekken shows why this game has been ranked higher than others in the list of combating games. The fights aren’t as easy as you think and it needs more sweat than you imagine. These fighters are made to fight and make us feel as if they are born to do this!

The seven incredible Tekken games have definitely made us a slave of the Tekken series and it really gets impossible to stop playing. Now, we want to ask you a few questions! Do you know the story behind the Tekken series? Its gameplay? And most of all, Which Tekken Character Are You? Oh no, this is really a piece of bad news but we can rescue you from this situation. You can either take the quiz now or you just need to keep scrolling down to read more about it…


The Japanese game Tekken has widely attracted an audience with its gripping story and characters with the latest game of the series; Tekken 7. Let’s find out why is Tekken so famous and what is its gameplay? The story involves the main characters like Kazumi Mishima, Jin Kazama, and others. As a kid, Kazumi Mishima was thrown from the top of a mountain by his own father. Hahaha, you seem quite shocked! Well, the reason behind this insane act lies in a grave secret. Kazumi’s father Heihachi Mishima, wanted to assess the vigor and resilience of his son. He wanted to observe whether his son would survive after falling or not?

Unfortunately, if Kazumi would have survived then it would have simply led to the conclusion that he is not fit enough to bear the fights. But, he miraculously turned out to be alive with some severe injury on the chest. This single injury really affected his future and you need to play Tekken to find out what happened next…

Which Tekken Character Are You?
Tekken 7 - Bandai Namco


Tekken game offers you 8 commendable characters to pick from. Which character is your favorite and which Tekken character do you wish to be? You don’t know, just answer the Tekken 7 Character Quiz to find the answer to your questions!

Jin Kazama

This Japanese guy has the most extraordinary body and every guy desires to have one like him. Jin has broad shoulders, tall height, short hair, and a tattoo on his shoulder that makes him look more cool. When he isn’t fighting then wears a black leather jacket and pants with sort of armored red arm covers. His attire is usually one thing that most boys copy in real life. Have you ever thought, how strong would be Jin if he takes place in the Street Fighter as well?

With his traditional martial arts form Karate, Jin has an impressive fighting style. Along with that, he has some amazing moves like Mental Alertness, Rage Art, Wind God Fist, Stonehead, Dragon Uppercut, Rising Sun, Flash Punch Combo, Twin Pistons, and many others he fights aggressively and impeccably. The reason for his rage and rebellious nature lies in the dark past of Jin. He is a bit rude and can harm others but isn’t cruel. Jin believes that diligence and dedication to martial can help him to fight each of his enemies.

Kazuya Mishima

He is the son of the great fighter Heihachi Mishima, what do you expect from Kazuya? He has definitely inherited some of the most intricate skills in his blood and looks as well. Kazuya is gigantic and brawny with long hair swept backward to make a small bun. Moreover, he wears a long trench coat with baggy pants and a tie. With his intense looks don’t tell the complete truth as he is quite soft-hearted and down-to-earth. He doesn’t like to be applauded exceptionally and enjoys his achievements in fight humbly.

He prefers to rule in a subtle way with his moves like Twin Pistons, Punch Attacks, Wind God Fist, Ultimate Tackle, Burning Fist, Paul Phoenix’s Bone Breaker, Lightning Screw Uppercut, Demon Scissors, and others. His unique fighting style is Mishima Fighting Karate. With this bunch of improvisations in his characters, it is somewhat impossible to knock Kazuya down. What do you think? Are you expecting to get Kazuya in the Tekken quiz result???

Kazumi Mishima

Were you expecting a female in our best in Tekken game list? Oh well, here is Kazumi who is quite a competition for all others. It won’t be wrong to say that Kazumi is beauty with brains and powers. Hahaha, don’t go over her traditional and attractive attire with elegant white kimono embellished with red and golden stripes. Not only this, her long straight hair, golden wrist plates, and boots also elevate her beauty.

Kazumi might seem petite in her hourglass body but her moves like Lightning Wrath, Diamond Cleaver, Tiger Wind Uppercut, Rolling Tiger, 10 Hit Combo, Slicing Wheel Shoulder, and Priestess Double Kick and leave you vanquished and you won’t even realize! Moreover, Kazumi has her personal Hachijo-Style Karate and Mishima-Style Karate blend in her style. So what do you want to say about her?

Lee Chaolan

This guy with an imperial appearance can easily kill the opponents within a few minutes. Lee’s silver hair, blue royal-style coat, and formal attire might make you imagine that this guy is more interested in looks than in fights but this thought can be deadly! It is a part of Lee’s personality to make others feel this way because he likes to flaunt his wealth and status to all.

Lee is marvelous with his moves and Mishima Martial Arts inspired by Jeet Kune Do. His incredible moves include Left Split Kicks, Tsunami Kick, Infinite Kick Chain, and other savate skills. Lee can fight robustly but all you need to focus on is his health bar.


Are you now ready for the Tekken Character Quiz? What are you expecting to have? Do you think you are competent enough to be like one of the Tekken characters discussed? Let’s see…