How To Play Stardew Co-Op: A Brief Guide & Stardew Valley FAQ

It is one extraordinary experience playing the Stardew Valley game though it all seems very easy but, it is one exciting kind of experience. Not many games have become successful in the farming simulation genre but Stardew has made a special spot in the gaming world. So, in order to ensure that you play the game like a pro player, read the Ultimate and brief “Stardew Valley Co-Op Guide” because we know you are dying to gear up the show in Stardew Valley in multiplayer mode.

Stardew Valley Guide
Stardew Valley – Eric Barone

Let’s start from the beginning by answering all the questions about the Stardew Valley game one by one!


In Stardew Valley, the game is more like real life in a graphical world because one gets to enjoy everything just like the normal days. Making it more exhilarating, players need to settle their life step by step and after they get done with their professional life, they can walk into their personal life as well by making connections with neighbors and people around, finding the right mate, getting married, having kids, etc.

As soon as you enter the game, the story begins with the player creating a character of your own choice. Then, you find yourself in your house where you receive a letter from your (supposed) grandfather who has left his cottage and farm for you before his death and wished that you get settled there. You being a caring and obedient grandchild just obey what he asked in his last wish and move to the cottage but there you would find it taken over by boulders, trees, stumps, and weeds. In short, it is a disaster and you must start your life from zero. From here, you can play alone or enjoy along with friends in the multiplayer mode known as the co-op mode.


It is easy peasy to begin playing in the co-op! All you need to do is enter the Stardew Valley game, click on the “Options” tab and there you will find the tab “Co-op.” Simply click it and you can invite anyone you like in the game to play with you. When you go multiplayer in Stardew Valley then you get to enjoy many activities together like farming, mining, fishing, and foraging, and can even participate in the festivals. The money collected by players is either collected in a joint pool or you can split it into separate accounts. As far as the quests are concerned, one can help others but to some extent so don’t rely completely on help. Each player has his own energy and skills bar and can’t share that with others. Don’t forget that the houses are also separate and no one can have a relationship or marriage with the same person. So, this is all for the basic rules and gameplay for Stardew Valley multiplayer game. Now, let’s go deeper!


The number of cabins in the cabin shows the number of players that participate in the game; two means two players are living while three is for three separate players. However, there is one thing important, if you want to go online then you might not be able to avail many options if you do not have a PC as for consoles, you will be needing PS Plus, Xbox Live Gold, or a Nintendo Switch Online account respectively. Keep in mind that one needs to be the host and that is the player who invites others into the game.

When you invite players into the game, make sure you have cabins ready for them already. If you can’t do it on your own then take help from Robin the Carpenter and she would do it happily for some money. Even when you need to gain solo control again on the game and make your friends leave, then you would have to demolish the cabins built and even in this, Robin can help you. Oh, and don’t forget that whoever is invited to the game, they are called “Farmhands” and can’t own the whole farm even if you want them to. The farm is actually owned by the one who invites all others in it.

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Well, not necessary that the players need to be apart from each other if they wish to enjoy co-op because of the option of multiplayer even though they are sitting beside them yeah, it is possible but only if you have the Nintendo Switch port. With it, players can op multiplayer in Stardew Valley and the screen won’t even split allowing the gamers to share the screen, farm, and even lives. Unfortunately, the cross-platform option is unavailable in Stardew Valley games and it might happen that the makers share this option one day!

How To Play Stardew Co-Op
Stardew Co-Op Guide


Now that you know most of the things related to the multiplayer mode of Stardew Valley game you seem ready for initiating one, but! Get to know some important tips and tricks to become good at it without getting stuck anywhere.

Map: For multiplayer mode, it is better if you pick the four corners map because it is big enough to settle four players at a time and they don’t have to bother being close to each. Moreover, the area is big so there are more tasks share and everyone has space and comfort.

Marriage: As soon as you begin to settle, try and propose to one of the NPCs with a ring. You will find the recipe to craft the ring from the Traveling Cart. This will make your life easier and you’ll get some free help from your family with various chores. The perfect moment to propose and find a partner can be festivals like Flower Dance Festival.

Scheduling: Try your best to form a schedule for gameplay so that the characters can rest peacefully during some hours while working in others. If you all play separately at different hours waking up all and making them work after fewer intervals then there is a chance of chaos in the game.

Levels: Be sure what you all want and before entering easy or difficult stat for the quests, discuss the things thoroughly with each other.


It is more important for everyone to look out for problems that are faced in the Stardew Valley game. It can be pretty exhausting wasting precious ours with friends searching for what’s going wrong because of which the game isn’t starting or is not working smoothly. So here are a few problems that are common and can be troubleshot in a few moments.

Many times, Stardew Valley Co-op mode does not work though everything seems normal. Well, the reason behind this can be the version. So, before you all begin to plan a multiplayer make sure you all have compatible same versions of Stardew Valley, or else nothing would work. The way to check your version is to click on “?” (Question Mark in the game option and there, everything would be mentioned. Other than that, a few people think that the co-op mode might be affected by the type of cabin but actually, this is just a rumor. In some instances, players can’t start the multiplayer mode because of the options like “Invite Friend…”, “Show Invite Code,” and “Enter Invite Code…” then the problem can be because Stardew Valley game might not be getting access to your Steam/GOG account.

Updated Multiplayer
Stardew Valley Updated Multiplayer


We have already detailed you with everything you need to know about the Stardew Valley multiplayer game and we believe that it is quite an exciting and addictive game that has zero violence and aggression. So, it is a perfect game for all ages and we are quite satisfied with the challenges and gameplay. Now, it’s your take so don’t forget to mention below how much our Stardew Valley game guide helped you!

Frequently Asked Questions About Stardew Valley

Is Stardew Valley worth buying?

100% worth it. It’s one of the best games that we’ve played in a very long time. We have spend hundred of hours or so into this video game, so for us, we’d absolutely say it deserved it. Come on, we are Harvest Moon kids, we absolutely believe it deserves it’s value.

Does Stardew end after 3 years?

One of the greatest concerns in Stardew Valley is whether there is an end to the game or not. And the answer is: there isn’t one. After three years, the player’s grandpa appears in a dream sequence to go over the player’s time at the farm and how they have adjusted to living to farm life.

Does Stardew Valley ever end?

This is a bit complicated, but there is no exact ‘end’. As you use your farm, you will stumble upon various milestones and development trackers, however there is no end to the game. Players can continue farming for many years in the game without an end, and getting bored.

Is Stardew Valley a horror game?

No, it’s a game with pixels and monst scary thing can be nights which can solve by brighter screen settings.

What’s better Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing?

Stardew Valley is a more powerful, and more significantly, a more remarkable video gaming experience than Animal Crossing. Both Stardew Valley and the Animal Crossing series have a lot in common in regards to atmosphere and focusing on friendship in their games. We would prefer Stardew Valley but if you have a Nintendo, definetely give a chance to Animal Crossing as well.

Is Stardew Valley for adults?

There is literally NO AGE to play whatever you take pleasure in to play. If you think smb telling u some garbage like ‘you are too old to play that’ and u even care u’re just too innocent. Summary: NO, you are simply best with your age to play this game.

What happens if you join JOJA Mart?

If you sign up with Joja, then JojaMart’s costs will match Pierre’s. The advantage of this is that they’re open till 11pm, and on Wednesdays. They’ll likewise repair things around town, such as the bus, mine carts or greenhouse, for money. As a reward, you get a JojaCola maker for your home.

How do I get rid of my child in Stardew Valley?

Children can be dismissed late video game by communicating with the Dark Shrine of Selfishness inside the Witch’s Hut. By using the shrine, a Prismatic Shard will permit players to turn kids into doves, making them leave the farm forever.

What happens when you put a diamond in Grandpa’s shrine?

The gamer can be re-evaluated at any time, if they put a diamond in the Shrine. This will trigger Grandpa to show up again the first day of the game, or the first day of the next season. Grandfather’s examination is based upon a point system, based on numerous turning points reached during the gameplay.

Do characters age in Stardew Valley?

Aging doesn’t take place in Stardew Valley. Once they are born, they will age to toddlers in another 2 weeks. But that’s where the aging stops. They will remain toddlers for the rest of the game, no matter for how long that is. The exact same can be stated for other characters, they don’t age at all.